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  1. You can have the same character name as your family name. In the game above your character as well as others it will display: <Guild> Title Family name Character name
  2. It's gonna be the same as Xbox, I'm not sure why anyone would think they're gonna release all their content at once. The progression is going to be gated behind patches, otherwise they would be making a lot of areas and items obsolete.
  3. Even if you did get an official reply the answer would be no otherwise they would be encouraging you to play in a blocked region. Just buy the standard edition of the game and if it doesn't work you can refund it.
  4. Nodes were an issue on PC too. Personally, with a level 8 node at nagas, I've also noticed what seems like a definite decrease in items like rocaba gloves and ancient scrolls the higher I raise the node. I can't speak of Serap's though, it seems like I get a drop every four to five hours on average. I don't think it's possible to make a definitive statement however because both of our evidence is anecdotal.
  5. Just because it's a player rule doesn't mean it's inconsequential. In Everquest there wasn't a rule against "training" (leading a group of mobs to aggro another player) other people, but you sure looked like a dickhead if you did. All good MMO communities have a way of policing themselves.
  6. There's some truth to this, but in the meantime I would imagine the people with PEN gear would group up which consolidates their power.
  7. "HEY I WASN'T ASKING FOR UNSOLICITED ADVICE, I'M R-REALLY GOOD AT THIS GAME." A good alternative, but a little excessive in expecting the average player could or would want to take the time to do this. Project harder, bro. He explained an unspoken rule and apparently you're offended enough to mock him.
  8. I was being sarcastic you absolute mong.
  9. If the devs don't add PVE servers and fix the toxic chat this four year old, multi-region, billion dollar grossing game is FINISHED!
  10. A company whose grossed a billion in sales probably has a team of specialists who already determined this is the most profitable model, it would be disingenuous to assume otherwise.
  11. Refer to my first post turbo nerd. Pretty simple. "It's not a debate, the game is P2W but that doesn't mean it's not enjoyable still."
  12. Nope. Some of the community, including you, is collectively in denial. A game is considered pay to win if it offers items and benefits beyond cosmetics purchasable in a cash shop, at least that was the definition until part of the MMORPG community attempted to move the goal post. In the PC version people with a family fame of over 2501 can sell an additional thirty pearl items on top of the five they can already list each week. With billions of silver on a weekly basis you can buy the many available pieces of TET gear off the marketplace and start saving for the few PEN items that get listed.
  13. What you're referring to is called training manuals and they already exist in the PC version, you should expect to see them patched in at some point.
  14. You can only sell a limited amount of costumes on the marketplace, but an extra 120m+ a week is not what creates the gap. The ability to purchase as many costumes and melt them for an infinite supply of valks and cron stones is how people advance so fast. You can build a 16-20 failstack with reblath easily and with an additional +10 valks you're ready to start TRI attempts with cron stones. To make it even easier you can buy artisan's memories to increase the effectiveness of your memory fragments by four times so you essentially quadruple your amount of available memory fragments for boss gear. It's not a debate, the game is P2W but that doesn't mean it's not enjoyable still.
  15. If you took the time to level beyond 49 your money making ability would increase exponentially and I guarantee you would only suffer through PVP a handful of times. Why not continue through the game as a pacifist? I think you picked the wrong hill to die on because the lack of a PVE server isn't going to kill the game.
  16. You're not going to win anyone over by being dramatic. Like Roots mentioned, I also feel desensitized towards chat and can honestly say none of it bothers me. That being said, if I owned a company I wouldn't want this type of behavior to reflect upon my business. You should anticipate a block feature considering the PC version has one, and I'd assume it would be implemented when they get around to fixing chat filters.
  17. Really pathetic that you're 39 and feed off negative attention like an edgy teenager. Anyone who disagrees with you is just further validating your ridiculous crusade for PVE servers. Imagine if I decided to play FFXIV then ridiculed anyone on the official forums who disagreed with my idea to give PVPers their own special server where they could PVP anywhere. It's not true to the spirit of the game, and there's not enough money or demand to justify the cost. That type of game is destined to fail anyway because the devs didn't cater to my wishes.
  18. "I assume you must be Cartman, because you're fat." "Well you're wrong! I'm not Eric Cartman and he's not fat!"
  19. I remember when the ghillie suit came out on the PC and everyone was arguing if it made the game P2W or not. Then they introduced the feature that allowed whales to sell items on the marketplace and it became obvious. Artisan's memory, cron stones, the tent, valks' cry, the ability to melt outfits, and the list goes on. The whole pay for convenience thing is a meme and anyone who says otherwise is either in denial or completely indoctrinated. Being P2W doesn't make the game any less enjoyable for me, but I can see how it's discouraging to other players.
  20. The quest makes it seem like you have to lean on the wall and eavesdrop, but you just need to walk over to the indicated area and press Y.
  21. Thanks for the replies, bros. I was just anxious thinking my new console was damaged. Appreciate the heads up about the 4k option... that makes sense, I just didn't know if there was any upscaling involved. So you experience the issues I mentioned on both consoles and the base model performs worse? Does installing a SSD improve texture loading in cities, or is something like that completely dependent on the xbox's hardware?
  22. I just recently purchased an Xbox One S to play the game, and while I wasn't expecting the quality to be on par with the X I've noticed several issues and was hoping someone could clarify whether or not it's normal or a problem that's unique to me. In both Heidel and Velia character models have a difficult time loading and default to the grey mannequin, this even happens in cut scenes during the main story. During these cut scenes I've also noticed some bad screen tearing. The frame rate in cities is also really poor, and sometimes the textures on npc's will look blurry and then load WHILE I'm talking to them. I'm no stranger to this, I have the game on the PC and I expected a performance drop in cities, but this is ridiculous. I've set Character Optimization to 10 and toggled on the setting to hide other adventurers, but it doesn't seem to make a difference. Changing the resolution from 4k UHD to 1080p in the xbox display settings didn't seem to do anything either. To clarify, I've haven't experience any dramatic issues outside of towns or cities. It runs at around 30 fps (I think?) 95% of the time. Can anyone else with a XB1S tell me how their console performs? Thanks!
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