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  1. XBL:LeoNagasi IGN:Nagasi GS:290 only because I haven't finished +15 my Armor or off hand yet but still at 290 so the possibility of growth is crazy for me. Lv:55 I'm 27 and play around 8 to 12hrs a day. My goals for my BDO career: wanna be the top pvper on server hands down and willing to put in the time and work to be one, life skilling and trading etc, I am still new to all of what the game has to offer and need a little help learning my class and nodes etc but as I started before willing to put the time in to master that and grow. Why shield wall? I saw hardcore PVP in the title and that's what I'm all about and wanna be around others who aspire to be as hardcore as I. The fact that the guild won't expand past 100 means a lot to me because we will be a unified group that knows how to play with each other and topple any other guild.
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