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  1. Where can I find the patch notes
  2. Entitled would be me crying and saying how I will never come back to the game.. I simply asked if it was possible I guess you are right, still would be cool to get something .. or maybe I will just get lucky and finally get that elusive asula earring once it is fixed
  3. Oh no! Sorry to have hurt your little feelings why are you even posting if you have nothing constructive to add? Need attention?
  4. Well they are on xbox now and they have been doing a good job compensating for things like the kzarka mishap... was hoping they might do for this as well but well see I guess
  5. because we wasted our time doing something which if it was communicated right away we would've done something else?
  6. we should get compensated somehow.. this is all i have been doing since the update and i could have been doing so many other things
  7. Knew something was wrong after the 4/3 update, been grinding helms since then trying to get my last earring I could've spent my time doing so many other things but instead this is what i chose to do.. Is it possible we are compensated for our time somehow?
  8. Never had the issues you are describing, you must have a faulty OG xbox or something lol... take a chill pill and go outside dude
  9. Back to the question at hand.. where is the magical armor upgrade quest:(
  10. I see the roaring sub weapon quest is on, but I cant find the magical armor one anywhere. Am I missing something or is it still not in?
  11. Seems like one of the newly enabled black spirit quests has not been translated into English (still Korean), not sure how to type it into here but you can easily see it I'm game I am level 55 btw
  12. Too bad for your friends I guess? so far i like the game and the grind, and at this rate they will be introducing big changes every 1-2 months since they have 3 years of content to cram into the game
  13. PC apparently has 3 years of updates, while we have vanilla I don't think you will get what you want for a very very very long time
  14. I have used it when not in combat before, mostly because i had no clue wtf an emergency escape was and wanted to find out what it does.. I am however a Ranger so maybe it is easier to proc on my class
  15. please please please let the roaring magical armor quests + the rest of the black spirit quests be in here (horse/weight/sub weapon)
  16. Hope we get all the missing black spirit quests 😊
  17. @lancia12 I'm in the exact same boat as you, havent received any of these quests and I am lvl 53 deep in mediah quests ... I really dont want to spend $$$ in the market if I can get these upgrades instead @GM_Hexe can you verify that these quests are not on the game?
  18. This is still bugged by the way, I have a worker producing honey and I gave marv the cooked honey.. yet the other part of the quest is not getting completed
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