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  1. Buy a Xbox one x = no noise
  2. The one thing that remains true about a vast majority BDO players is they will never openly admit anything . Anything .
  3. No , unless it is catching on fire and/or you are cooking meat on it . But even then keep it , meat taste good on a open flame .
  4. Level scaling to meet the current amount of players in the zone of boss . Nouver fix : 1)Eliminate Desert Buff in his surroundings 2) respawn point closer or Desert Map Unlock for completion of Vel story = More attendance Overall won’t fix it because Kzarka Weapon is the best main hand atm edit: yes making alts for bosses is wise , I have a alt for every boss but I don’t do Nouver 1) not a PvPer 2) Sick of time wasters like finding him after the possibility of dying . i am not elite , I die occasionally and all the time on Kutum with my alt . i fight Kutum after Karanda everytime , Both these bosses are easy to get to after death . the easiest to be honest !
  5. They won’t , White Knights will say nothing is wrong until we are all flying and swimming into the void . Edit: my game is fine but it’s because A) location B) ridiculous internet speed but I still get caught in lag spikes and Heidel is a nightmare when you are occasionally locked into your house or out of it . I know who needs houses , just use storage and be content . Although last week was worse , I couldn’t navigate NPC menus , they have somewhat fixed that I believe
  6. Hopefully never When I say Hopefully , I mean only of the sun blows up When I say Never, I mean when the sky’s catch on fire and the surface goes into a deep freeze . But here is a idea , sell your over heating toasters and get a Xbox one X ! When you do this , angels will sing , and you will love yourself for it ..... Well that’s until a Group of Shais surround you and boomerang you till ragequit
  7. No one is upset that BDO is on multiple platforms, we are upset that PS4 players are too lazy to scroll down to their own forums .
  8. PS4 players can’t read , this is why Sony put shapes on their controller buttons instead of the alphabet
  9. White Knights are why games like this just fall apart . the lag has been getting worse for months and it will keep getting worse till PA starts spending some of their Cash shop Loot on fixing it
  10. <Ifrit> New Xbox PvX guild , looking for new members! No GS Required Currently we have 5 We do Awakening Bosses, Normal Daily Bosses , World Bosses , and doom guild bosses Currently we have no maxed out buffs . We are causal, social , and laid back We ask that inside guild chat there be no drama . We will be doing Node Wars with the intent on having fun and getting people to be active in it no matter the outcome . Attendance is the only real requirement , GS will never be a factor in joining . Our true mission is to build a guild that helps players as best as we can . My main is currently “Abscess” 60lv Shai Family name “Mefit” My Gamertag is “Mefit” also Edit: planning to keep the guild “Small” think max 20 players. This way we can get everyone a high daily payout and keep track of those who quit .
  11. Mefit


    Down Left Stick + RB needs to be a larger hit area . on Par with other classes large hit area skills . If they did that , id be happier with PvE and not so overwhelmed Trying to keep up with Musas , Witches , and Wizards three of the most popular rolled classes Shai Riding horses was pretty much a cheap route for PA . Sad because the Shai donkey is awesome
  12. Shai’s kinda suck at PvE grinding as well Most classes have a Large Dash (Musa, Wit, Wiz,Ninja,Sorc ...etc) Most those classes have a large hit radius with 1 or more moves that are able to one shot mobs (depending on gear) *Take Fogans : Any Of those classes (Same Gear Level as Shai) can launch itself in the middle of a large pack of Fogans and one shot them . Meantime a Shai has a short dash that you have to repeat constantly . If you want to do a large group attack from the middle you have to attack 3..... that’s THREE times with RT to get out the best Large Group Attack . Down Left Stick+RB will only take out a few . You run up and instead hit Foward RT , LT+RT , you will not be able to kill the whole group . So unless you really outskill/out gear your opponents in PvP you can’t kill them . And your skills after the last Class Buffs will have you lacking when it comes to out Grinding classes . So exp per kill is longer , you might or might not have to nomad the whole area to exp because of two factors above . Dont get me wrong , I have a 59 witch and a 59 Shai , my Shai is just more fun as a more cartoon character . The heals while horrible have been a great help at all types of bosses . have helped me stay alive in PvP , but ultimately they either give up (because their gear is low) or eventually after time and effort kill me . Id love to say my skill has something to do with survival but in reality , it’s my large HP pool and heals .
  13. Max bid take my money please
  14. Shai can’t ride on camel Shai Donkey slows down on Desert sand nice ........
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