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  1. Mefit


    I want it
  2. Max bid take my money please
  3. Shai can’t ride on camel Shai Donkey slows down on Desert sand nice ........
  4. As soon as I try to do my first ability , my character freezes with a error message at the top constantly being displayed rapidly . happens again if I restart the game too
  5. My character freezes and soon as I try to do a move with a constant error message being spammed at the top saying ”This action can’t be completed” over and over and over and over anyone else ?
  6. Mefit

    Share your Shai Submission thread!

    Probably going to lose by default , I don’t have a pc and can’t figure out how to link from my iPhone twitter or FB to this . ambqa NA
  7. Mefit

    What is the best class for pure PVE?

    Not to be unhelpful , but I kinda want to keep my Musa build to myself . as for guide , on these forms plenty of people will help you , YouTube has a lot of videos , and reddit just to put this in perspective. my witch has DUO Kzarka and Kutum , my Musa is rocking 15+ Bares my Musa is just faster , and I only need to spam two moves
  8. Mefit

    What is the best class for pure PVE?

    Roll a Musa and a Wit/or wiz . level them both to 50 Trust me , Musa is the best at PvE and PvP . i have both leveled my Musa is 60 and my wit is 59 . On my Musa I wreck everything , PvE or PvP . my witch , I have to pay attention in PvP where I don’t on my Musa . In PvE I spam 2 moves on my Musa , I spam a literally 3-6 moves on my Witch . i can clear two grinding spots with my Musa and still have time to dig into another grinding spot . On my witch I can do 1 and a half . test it yourself
  9. Mefit

    What is the best class for pure PVE?

    Musa , its the best for PvP , PvE , or just spinning around
  10. Mefit

    Bring PVP for Levels below 49

    Fine as is . with PL you can go 1-56 in 3hrs tops without PL 1-6 days for 1-50 depending on play speed . plenty of people past 49 for you to kill , sorry you need to kill under geared wet behind the ears noobs to get your kicks .
  11. Mefit

    My Gear Score theory

    So I was looking at something and I know right off the back you guys are going to say “But PC” but hear me out . I messed around with the weapons I have which are reasonable noob level . Everything I have is DUO level , I am not counting AP+ from Grunil or hidden ,just the AP and DP score as it pops on inventory. I Right now have AP of just 169 and DP 229 . (398) total score My orb is Ultimate 10+ = 122Awk.AP (351)total score So so here is the thing , if so de equip my staff , nothing happens to Awk.AP. If i de equip my Ord, nothing happens to AP. BUT , If I deequip my dagger AP and Awk.AP drop . Noticeably on Fogans I do more damage with my Awk.Weapon than my normal weapon . But this is likely to the Awk, skills more than weapons . Saying that if I could use Awk.skill with staff I’d likely do more damage because my staff is DUO and orbs are +10 . Its to my belief GS should be calculated by Weapon you are using . (Awk.AP+DP=? or AP+DP=? ) Its to my belief that your Normal Weapon and Awk.Weapon share Stats such as : (Accuracy, Extra Damage to ____..... etc) Being my awakening Weapon does not do more damage than my normal weapon , it is to my belief they in no form share attack points. Because if it was AP30% + Awk.AP my attacks would be much more beyond my normal AP . They are not . To use AP+Awk.AP divided by 2 + DP makes me lose GS and seems harmful and wouldn’t explain how I naturally hit harder . So in conclusion I feel GS should be calculated AP+DP or Awk.AP+DP , No hidden . Of course Hidden matters but I don’t think it should be when it comes to guild requirements, if your guild demands that . Thats just my opinion. Take your sub Weapon off and look at it yourselves
  12. Buy a Xbox one x = optimized regular Xbox isn’t going to get much better with BDO
  13. Mefit

    Anyone else getting kicked ?

    That’s passing the buck if I ever heard it
  14. Mefit

    Anyone else getting kicked ?

    Does PA even have forum mods ?
  15. Mefit

    Anyone else getting kicked ?

    Going to miss Kutum , thanks PA