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  1. @Dr INF3NRO yeah we can texting tomorrow, iam at work now.
  2. Joined the Discord server
  3. No Progress will be taken. The Beta Progress will Wipe. We have to start at Zero on launchday. greetings
  4. @[CM] Simon , can u delete this Theard please. greetings Turtle
  5. I think thats no bug , just the last quest in Beta. If iam wrong with that tell me . greetings
  6. If you use the "Search" function you will find something. The Beta starts at 00:00 o´clock PTS greetings and have fun in Beta
  7. U cant see it at the moment cause the beta starts at the 8th November.
  8. I bought the Xbox only because of black desert 😁 So there are no problems for me .
  9. Purchases will be disabled during beta as it's not the full launch. Actual beta No it won't, it's a beta Hope this will answer your questions.
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