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  1. BlSHOP

    Warrior Combos

    Movement is a necessity. Don't be that guy that thinks just because you have a shield you can be completely stationary and take everything on. Shield charge and your B dash is key. Grab and/or shield charge them for a stun then grab. Once on ground follow with Spinning slash x2, then back kick or ground slash (these two can be alternated), another spinning slash, and back RB for possibility to get them on ground again. Your main damage is coming from spinning slash and ground slash.
  2. BlSHOP

    Suggestion for Nodes

    One thing that would be great to be added, a small, but sort of vital step would be to add a description of WHICH lumber or ORE you get from each of these types of nodes. Currently the only way to find where any of these comes from is to highlight the item and press X and read in the description. I think it’s absolutely vital because I’d like to know which kind of these two things I’m investing in instead of guessing. I know you can withdraw the points, but I’d rather not if I don’t have to.
  3. BlSHOP

    Help please making plywood requirements

    You have to have your gathering to level 14 (apprentice 4) to start the chain quest.
  4. BlSHOP

    Warrior PVP Tips

    Thanks a lot. Sounds like I just need to gear up and keep practicing in the arena when I can.
  5. BlSHOP

    Warrior PVP Tips

    Does anyone have any tips for someone new to level 50? I fought a few of my berserker and witch friends in the arena and it seems insanely unbalanced. I don’t want to switch classes I’d rather to gain skill and stay a warrior. Anything is appreciated!