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  1. i did this last night (4/8/19) and account link was successful. I hope i made it before the deadline as i was reading it was extended for 13 days. 😳
  2. Same here ! I will put my Zerk on standby and Sorc for the Dark Knight.... cant wait! 😊
  3. i have been stuck doing life quest then I just realized i can turn these quest off and go proceed to the main story line and black spirit quest. Now i have this level 50 quest that unlock PVP mode. Something i have to decide tonight. 😎 all these time farming and doing errands for these NPCs... I should have level up early... These NPCs tricked me into becoming their slave! 😂
  4. Thank you guys for the feedback. I understand it now, its an accumulation of exp points that equals to CP. I thought all the while that these quest once completed equals 1 CP. oh my... the noob of me. 😂 😂 You guys been very helpful. Loving this game. Got me hooked. 👍
  5. My lvl 49 main recently reached Calpheon on the main story line and has a total of 108 CP points. I started doing the daily quest here for additional contribution points but noticed its not adding anymore CP points on my total. Wondering if anybody has the same experience or is this different in Xbox compared to the PC version?
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