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  1. Thanks for the replies guys, Ill just hold out on buying from the US store in case it causes some complications with billing in the future, fingers crossed they get it licensed in time for release or else we're gonna have to grind twice as hard
  2. Hmmm two different answers of course. Would really appreciate it if a CM could shed some light on this.
  3. Hi, I see in the FAQs that there are plans to release the game for sale in Australia and New Zealand. Those players are able to change their Xbox store to US to be able to pre-order but I'm pretty sure you need a US mailing and billing address to be able to play and purchase items from the pearl shop. I'm looking for an update on the progress towards the release of sale in Australia and New Zealand and also would like a confirmation of whether THESE COUNTRIES WILL BE GIVEN THEIR OWN REGION (OCE) OR NOT so my buddies and I can decide whether to purchase the preorder on US or not. Appreciate all input on the subject thanks mates.
  4. Go to edit ring menu setting and you can bind an item, skills or menus to one of the dpad buttons, if you want instan health potion just assign your new health potion to the right dpad and make sure it's the only thing assigned
  5. This is to prevent selling and buying silver for real money effectively making pearl abyss and kakao a lot more money through the pearl shop and keeping balanced progression (still p2w but through pearl shop) all trading has to be done through market place at a reasonable value per item
  6. I'm having the same issue can't start this quest line I've looked everywhere
  7. Im having the same issue, I looked around for her but couldn't find her so I skipped it and went to heidel sorry that's of no help but yeah this is why we beta test to find these things
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