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  1. Just buy it. I seem to be making millions in this game by selling crap nobody wants at max bid then buying tri bares whatever at min bid . When we get night venders ill try my luck with them since all my boss fights seem to last all of ten seconds and i get more stuff to sell and no gear.
  2. When are we getting night venders.
  3. Same. No chained ogre and cannot turn in Bhegs iron mace frag, Giaths mask frag or Red Nose blade frag.
  4. Crashes xbox one x about every 5hrs or so at random
  5. I have trouble sending tickets unless files are less than 1mb
  6. Im professional 4 at processing and still cannot produce ingots without workers.
  7. I have this same problem
  8. I cant send in a ticket that has an attachment of any kind. 5mb 1mb 1000mb does not matter. Chrome and IE both have this problem.
  9. The game randomly freezes and crashes to home screen on xbox one x every 3hrs or so.
  10. Yes you can't make ingots or plywood till this quest is complete. Ficey has no dialogue as of now.
  11. I couldn't use "boobs" in my bio wth.
  12. It would be nice to know the node and resource. Mining... ok what and where? After 50 workers all say mining it gets to be a real pain. I keep rolling blues so eventually its gonna be a nightmare.
  13. This happens all the time trying to collect at the MP or checking on specific workers. I thought they patched this but nope. You have to start at the top and scroll down everytime and its not stick bounce.
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