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  1. This and putting any content even a 1 weekly or monthly quest behind a paywall of any kind is a sure fire way of annoying the player base
  2. so they proved me wrong but id rather have had all the old classes 1st this is just PR trying to show they are treating us console players fairly
  3. i agree but PA want you to do this instead: buy more maids and butlers its why there is not CM's in every town and city
  4. hate to bust your hopes but the shai will not be coming to xbox for a LONG time
  5. im intrested in joining drop me a private message on this website with guild name and anything else you think i should know if i like what i see ill get in touch with my GT and charicter names for an invite
  6. not lost anything (yet) but i got the same issiue not being able to access the CM
  7. utc+1 is BST ffs learn your timezones
  8. looking at the armor choices for the female toons there is a good mix of modest and sexual outfits so from what i see the OP is offended that people choose a certian style of outfit freedom to choose should never be taken away can also say as a prevoius post not all scandily clad toons are played by males, some females like to dress their charicters that way as well
  9. and every mmo bar bdo uses the same idea 1 button 1 skill. bdo dares to be diffrent and dispite the game haveing more than a few bad points combat isnt one hate to say it but: learn the combo's or move on....sorry
  10. your sure it wasnt a sorc they have upto 3 purple orbs that give boosts
  11. you use 4 pets max but can own unlimitedi belive i currently have 7
  12. FamilyKraythas


    only if it can be hijacked by pvp'ers
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