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  1. looking for a guild that is some what competitive. im currently over seas so the times i can get on very do to my Posts. i have played BDO sense launch. My current Gear : https://bdoplanner.com/BradieCaveLouruve
  2. will DK be a good choice on Xbox.
  3. Phantom Troop has currently been in the process of working out combos and builds for each class, mapping out grind rotations and mapping out a team strategy, we currently have a good number of very helpful and strong players to help you work towards maximizing your efficiency. our players will take time out for you we are all willing to lend a helping hand at any point and time no questions asked. (low gear score? not a problem we can help get that up in no time, need PvX advice we got you covered) This guild really wants BDO to succeed, we are willing to put in the effort to make that happen. so if your looking for a Strong, helpful and very down to earth guild and enjoy the BDO grind, then Phantom troop is for you. Also have set up a discord contact/ MSG me on Xbox under the gamer tag xl Taiga lx (those are L's next to the X's)
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