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  1. Not sure why on Xbox maintenances are not announced in Forums. Website is currently broken, with 404 errors everywhere (thanks PS4 webmasters...)
  2. I confirm this annoying bug. It randomly will refuse to start a task thinking that the resource is missing in storage which is wrong. It works better if, before, you check the Port Epheria storage content. But still it's not 100%. By selecting another task and going back and forth, in the end you can manage to make it work.
  3. yes random failures are a typical behavior when an ingredient has not enough quantity. All dried fishes are NOT equal...! Fishes, internally, are either white / green / blue / yellow. At some point they decided to recolor all white fishes into green. BUT internally they are still white. So you need twice as many dried white fishes than green fishes. Real fish color can be found here: https://incendar.com/fishdatabaseblackdesert.php
  4. What is strange is that there are no market maids on the pearl shop....
  5. Interesting. When I played the beta, that was one of my first comment when I say the Xbox struggling to load map. It's never going to work with a courser T8 for sure...! Since then I upgraded to Xbox One X and an external SSD, but still I doubt it will ever work.
  6. Looking at how fast I am leveling, it certainly does not look like there is a 1000% at the moment!
  7. I am so confused... The event says EXP +50% (in the bitmap). however the text above mentioned a 1000% buf... which is what / when???
  8. Its a crop factory. But indeed browsing all items on those, special sunflower is missing... Looks like a bug to me. Anyway with trading on Xbox, you are not going to make a big profit with those... I suggest other things in your farms. Not only we do not have Valencia yet, but good luck overstacking a horse with 7157 crates, using a controller...!!
  9. Describe your ingredient list, otherwise i am not sure how we can help...
  10. Tokenr

    Boat stuck

    This bug has been reported on the PC version about 5 years ago, and they didn't bother to fix it, so I'm afraid they won't do it either for Xbox...!
  11. I confirm, got killed today for this exact issue...
  12. Yes MOST IMPORTANT QOL item to me. My Heidel storage has 180 slots now, its just not usable with everything not sorted (and not moveable either!)
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