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  1. Good to know but what has it to do with xbox? Write the gm's and post it in the ps4 forum and not in the xbox forum.
  2. Do u know in general how to craft things with your workers on a manufacture? How to get in the menu to choose the thing u wanna craft? The materials need to be in the town where ur worker is. Choose the town where ur manufacture is ( I think capotia can only be crafted in Altinova) in the ringmenu which is popping up on the diagonal on the right side should be something like manage production ( I play the game on German so I don't know what it's called in English, it's between up and right) there u choose ur manufacture. Make sure that on the top window ur manufacture has the right usage. In the lower window u have a button called production management. Click on it and choose what to produce. Here a Screenshot in German but it should show u where the button is
  3. Why do it need to be selled to raise? It's the opposite. If there are many pre-order on max bid and no one sells it the price will go up step by step until it hits the limit.
  4. If course they went down. Every smart seller will wait until we hit the max price before they sell it again. Luckily I managed to buy the new warrior costume before the patch
  5. I have 15 character slots. U need to buy additionals slots to get to the max of 15. Sometimes u get one for free (1 loyalty) or like arm u have a discount on 1 slot. It's 330 pearls for a single slot for sale
  6. Why delete? There Wil be more ppl who don't know it
  7. Bring knowledge to the ps4 forum not to the xbox forum where most are over 500 gs and playing in grana. #mustbehardtofindthefuckingps4section
  8. Wait before u delete. Maybe we get next week or on tamer release a free coupon or maybe coupons for half the price. We can th every release they rise the max slots even when the coupon description is showing an older value.
  9. OH dammit tamer on 2nd October release. Source twitter "Raised by ferocious beasts on a mysterious island, the Tamer and her companion, Heilang, are ready to embark on a journey to discover their destiny. Are you ready to embrace the divine force of the beast? Arriving to Black Desert 𝐗𝐛𝐨𝐱 on October 2. "
  10. That don't work. It is stated any times in different threads ( like the first answer in this threads) that the highest bit gets the item. If there are 3 bids on for example 50.million and ur friend make a preorde on 49 milion and u post it on 49 million, one of the 3 50 million bids will get it. It's that easy.
  11. I don't know we're ur problem is. When it says you must first withdraw productions nodes then just do it. There are different ways to do it. Easiest way is when u click on the node on World map go down left. It will automatic erase the production node and the node itself. When that don't work u have other nodes connected ( every active node need an active route to a city). how fast do u think people answer? It states posted 1 hour ago and then ur next post 58 minutes ago.
  12. If u mean combat XP (to lvl up) there are quests where u get XP( side quests with XP symbol) . u can get XP from Marni stones too. But mostly u get it from killing mobs
  13. Some guy had the same problem. His password was too long.
  14. On the cm u have 2 or when u stand before the cm 3 tabs. The second tab where u sell items has another site where ur preordered items are. I can cancel the pre-order or when u managed to bought it u get it there
  15. Bdo is a marathon not a race. Even for the devs
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