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  1. I don’t see why they wouldn’t add them.
  2. It’s a function that may not show up for a while.
  3. Oh p.s since your lack of research proceeds you there is a block function on your profile you can add a user to the ignore list Tada
  4. You know what’s real cute is how you joined almost a week before hime but he has a higher community reputation than you which informs me that he is doing something right and not just trolling. And for you to assume we are in the same guild is pretty interesting, but I guess that’s your paranoia getting the best of you. All I have seen in this post is people answer you original question in multiple forms the all pretty much amounted to the same thing, and you just can’t accept the answers given to you, as for the link you have provided he has answered questions in a way he answers them, if you don’t like how he answered it that is on on you but he answered the questions nonetheless. oh hey look post numero two. 😉
  5. And what precisely is his track record because all I can clearly see is someone trying to answer your question then you getting frustrated or upset when it’s not the anawer you are looking for. So far many people have told you the same thing but you keep detracting to some weird reasons why you feel its pay to win.
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