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  1. Vermut

    Easter Egg ?

    Hello guys and girls I was playing Around at Forest of Seclusion and saw an owl with a hitbox no knowledge about it and I can attack him as long as I want but he wont die so whats up with it ? He Is located on top of a tree
  2. Hey guys I Need your help.. I just Want to find Life Skill combination that are worth doing. I tried out Gardening and Cooking/Alchemy Nodes but its just so much that 1. I can’t catch up Cooking all the mats.. and 2. the cooked mats won’t be sold on Market.. so i rly don’t know what to do.. I have read many guides about all life skills but it doesn’t seem to fit on Xbox so can anyone give me tips for combining life skills which actually bring me money and arent only placeholders..? Thanks
  3. I have Full tri gear now but in my opinion its just useless and will rase a gape between 250 ap and 180 ap users. So the „ FAMOUS SKILLED ONE SHOTERS“ will fck every normal Player totaly up..
  4. Vermut


    So its a waste of Time to Farm Marks of Shadow ? And with Valencia Update are the Accessoires hard to Farm ?
  5. Vermut


    Hello dear Sorc fans I have a question. Right now I have Asula Set but I know that I Need a lot of Accuracy. what Should I focus on ? I Tried to hunt sealed magical acc but than I decided to stop because I wont Spend my failstacks for an unsellable item so Can someone please give me an advice for accessoires ? thanks
  6. Vermut


    I also dont know if Lahn or musa
  7. Hey Leute hBe 3 Chars lvl 50+ möchte aber wieder etwas mehr Fokus auf das Angeln setzen daher suche ich eine gilde die auch den Angel Skill hat und ebenfalls etwas helfen könnte mit Tipps usw
  8. Hey guys I am Looking The Best Way to lvl up my Health any advices on how to lvl it fast
  9. Vermut

    Boat stuck

    Hey guys my boat stuck on an island and I dont know what to do ... I reloged Many times changed Server and so on..
  10. Hey guys I have a Xbox One X and my question is : does it hurt the Xbox much ? Is it possible to run BDO on Standby Mode ? Is there a way to make it easier to Hold for the xbox?
  11. Hello guys I Need some advice. What is the best AFK Money ? Fishing or Breeding Horses ? Or Maybe something Else ? I thought about fishing but I dont rly know How to get Max Money out of it. Tomorrow my fishing boat will be rdy. Is my fishingboat useful for AFK ? Can someone give me a Little Guide
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