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  1. Dmar613

    Submitting Tickets not working properly

    Try to submit the ticket without images attached, or downsize the data on the images.
  2. Dmar613

    2 items vanished from inventory

    I want to personally thank Gm_Hexe for helping get my items back. Im not sure how they vanished in the first place but I have them now.
  3. Hello, I had two locked items vanish from my inventory when trying to complete the desert gm event. I have submitted a ticket as well. please help?
  4. Dmar613

    Stabilized Magic Black Stones

    Update* The tickets bug is because you cannot attach pictures that are too large, so dont attach pictures or downsize the data. The stabilized stones only work with the according grade of stone. therefore the text of the item is in fact a bug. green stones only work on items that are green grade( or originally green), and so on. Thirdly, i appreciate the help (sarcasm), so i figured i would post an answer here. Because I know i couldn't find one after searching for a while.
  5. Dmar613

    Stabilized Magic Black Stones

    Hello, I linked my xbox account, yet it would not allow me to create it ticket. it would say your ticket is being processed and i would hit confirm and look at, "my tickets" link and nothing went through so I am a little confused with that. I am also confused about the stabilized magic black stones, because they state they work to enhance yellow grade gear from +12 to +15 but that is not the case, because it will not allow me to use them on my Kzarka weapon that is +14. So, either the text is wrong or the stones are not working as intended because I read in the bdo 1.3 patch notes that this stabilized stone's text was fixed. It is unfortunate because I was saving these specifically for boss gear because that is what I was advised to do, *and what the text of the item states) and I was wasting armor and weapon stones when I could have been using these for regular green grade gear. Server/region N.A Serendia 2