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  1. Apparently you can’t read but as I said I’m not in a situation that allows me to just get pearls and all is fine, and you don’t need to know what my personal situation so you can assume if you want but as you have probably heard assuming makes an ass out of you and me so it better not to. And I’m no asking for free hand out I’m asking to be treated the same way pc players have been from years, Pearl Abyss has been very good to us so far but this is an obvious cash grab and favoritism towards the pc community. I’ll happily put money into the game when I get the chance but I don’t like being treated like I’m worth less than a pc player because I can’t afford to get a gaming rig.
  2. The main issue I had about this topic and brought it up in the first place is over the blatant favoritism of the pc community and the fact that they were catered for all the way till the Lahn release, from the information that I have read so far the class releases after the base 6 all the way to Lahn in every region and version of the game have had free character coupons via the loyalty in game currency that you get just for logging in daily. So now we, the Xbox community, get access to the game and get shafted right off the bat which is inexcusable. I’m the type of player who will in the end play every class, no lie every mmo or game in general I play, I create all the classes and have rarely disliked a class from the selection and as such like to keep all the classes around and available to play when I want to. But in the end It comes down to the simple fact that they just tell us to go screw ourself that even if we paid for the game we’re not Worthy of the same treatment that everyone else got. But by all means if some of y’all like getting shafted and are fine with it all the power to you but I’m not fine with this kind of treatment as this is the kind of double standard bull crap that ruins the customers trust in a company. Regardless, to get my DK and striker I had to delete the only two alts that I hadn’t invested time into and I want to be able to have them for another time as well as be able to play the remaining two classes that just came out but due to my situation I don’t have a way to just get pearls to get character slots at the moment so I’m out of luck. I refuse to delete my other slots as I do have time invested into them but I would also like to participate in the events that come with all 4 new classes but can only do 2 because of this. All of this could have been avoided if they just gave Xbox the same treatment that they gave pc not once but multiple times.
  3. I understand it as well but the shear amount of shudad armor sets I’ve seen from the ultimate edition and the number of pearl shop items on market and if I remember from server stats it should be in the range of 750,000 players were crowding servers for awhile I don’t think they are hurting for funds atm. Really hope they don’t continue with this kind of tactic going forward though.
  4. True enough but I just find this situation to be a huge cash grab to a degree and it irritates me that they decide to do it this early on from release, it honestly would have been a very consumer friendly appeal to almost show players that they want the continued support but this just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Want to see this game go really well cause Xbox needs it but still don’t want to see a near Anthem level drop in support from something like this.
  5. And no loyalty character coupon? I’m sorry but from what I read that was kinda the norm on pc most of the time and the norm for most mmo games in general nowadays so I’m trying to wrap my head around this on a marketing standpoint but I just can’t. Game rewards you for filling alt character slots by allowing more energy so most have already filled all 6 slots like me, so now I have to either wait 24 hours to delete an alt or pay money for a class I have been waiting a month for. Yea that makes a lot of sense to do this instead of giving players a chance to try a class they may potentially like and put more time and money into in the long run but I can see the potential of disappointing your player base for a quick cash grab with 50% off cash items. I’m sorry but this just really disappointed me to see that the pc community is being catered for but the fresh and potentially very profitable new community gets shafted. Good job on this one guys.
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