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  1. Brandon Is the best since pre order he has been undefeated😂🤣 feed the beast +10 ego Hp
  2. Sounds like a good guild , unlike other guilds tell you can't collect funds until we have a few billion with only one node so we can get a guild balloon ship lol
  3. In a way. Two tier 1 pets make 65% tier 2, and 45% tier3 Three tier 1 pets make tier 3 I have 4 tier 4 pets, they loot super quick but costed me well over 100$ not to mention the ones I bought every 2 days when game launched Now I have waited 8 days for a pet off cm
  4. +1 to kzarka aura no rng here got 6 characters to 55 and two to 56 only done about 40 or 50 kzarka but still no box
  5. Wow, could we some more information on this? I also tried to invest into gold bars investment banking to play the casino game but it would not let me. This was weeks After release though. Any update? I am glad I have not spent real money to get #1 to not be able to use the percs
  6. Agreed. GM just said in game ""striker OP, ranger shotgun OP, lahn buff will all be discussed next stream""
  7. Hey buddy I am interested, in game name Jerk. Family/GT OuchBudTTV 56 berserker,51 ranger All new class to 45/55 pre order on 1 boss armour pieces almost enough for 2 I work 8-12 hours 4 to 6 days a week but am online every night and afk skilling while working I keep forbidden books, relics to get at least 3+ a day Thanks
  8. Yes, I hope PA will implement a way to change it, RNG % chance with xXxX pearls.
  9. There is a search function on the forums, Please check my post #3 on the thread for all of the information you are looking for
  10. Hey buddy CM_Valencia posted on my thread a few days ago saying it was a bug and was supposed to say 50%, and would be fixed on the page
  11. Some people say hit him once get a kzarka, or late to the fight 10 percent left get a box, in this game you are either the whale, the RNG Carried or just us lol, soon more bosses I hope and same RNG but eventually through buying it or having it drop we will all have a boss weapon
  12. Yea CM is a whole new level of RNG also had bid up for 8.050.000 when only 38 crows had been registered and still have not got one should have stuck to pengiuns I guess
  13. *cringe* neverwinter days and the nightmares it brings lol but at the same time was so amazing
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