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  1. Tired of elitism and crazy expectations? Looking for a group of people you’d not mind hanging out with on a normal basis? Revenants (NA server) is recruiting for Valencia 1. We’re a laid back group of gamers that believe in having one another’s backs while striving to enjoy the game. PvP happens, and we want to ensure we’re ready when it does. Node wars, life skilling, PvP, and good old fashioned PvE are all welcome. In a game where leveling is easy, the only requirements we have are to be active, better the guild and don’t be a jerk. Sound simple enough? Then join us on Valencia 1. We’d love to have you. Max AP boost, Damage Reduction 3, Accuracy and HP 1. Join the recruitment channel and introduce yourself! https://discord.gg/fY4QpUN
  2. Revenants is now recruiting. Come join us and be a part of a growing community. No drama and few requirements. All levels welcome so long as you contribute to guild exp and participate in enough guild experiences to offset your contract cost. We have discord available to help coordinate. Currently our primary focus is leveling our members as well as the guild in anticipation of future awakenings and node wars. PvP is allowed but we strongly discourage trolling. Come be a part of a team that helps one another and put the elitism behind you. Feel free to contact me for more information or arrange ways to join. On Xbox, my gamer tag is Steel Revenant. In game, I can usually be found on Valencia 1 as “Paincakes”.
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