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  1. I don't have any presence on YouTube but you're right. Do you any suggestion who may be interested in the sort of content this could generate for an established Youtuber? I could probably try to contact YongYea, Jim Sterling and Laymen Gaming? Each of them have their unique approach at highlighting problems within the industry and incidents. They've all dabbled in controversies surrounding micro-transactions and consumer rights. Anyone else? I obviously have supporting evidence for all my claims including media, dialogue between myself and BDO customer support, transcripts between myself and the Xbox support team. I honestly think that the BDO customer support team think if they keep quiet that this issue will go away once Awakening is released but they couldn't be more wrong. I intend to see this through to its conclusion. This is fast becoming more than just a dispute about a pearl refund, a monetary refund of £7.59 and more about the lack of support offered by the BDO customer service and actual consumer rights available and enforced on the Xbox platform.
  2. This is in fact not true. Microsoft/Xbox is responsible for the sale of pearl packs and Pearl Abyss is responsible for micro-transactions. Regardless of this fact and under the circumstances Microsoft/Xbox did issue a refund that was nullified by Pearl Abyss blocking my account until the pearl pack was repurchased. Microsoft have given me details for the legal team of which I'll be sending a letter to over the next 2 days (I'm off work). They also suggested contacting my local consumer protection agency which I'll be forced to do if the DBO support team insists on ignoring me and this issue. Perhaps if enough people complained Microsoft would act but there shouldn't be a threshold on situations like this, it should only take one instance/accusation with supporting evidence to start a review process. I spoke to agents, a supervisor and a manager at Xbox customer support about the issue since I had to repurchase the pearl pack to unblock my account. They've given me details of how to preceded and I'm grateful for that. They did offer to refund the pearl pack again but obviously I said there wasn't much point because my account would be blocked again. I've had more support from Microsoft/Xbox than I've had from Pearl Abyss. I'm glad to see that while there's users in this forum with different views and opinions agree that this needs to be addressed by the DBO customer support team. You know, once upon a time people used to be able to resolve issues one-to-one with a company representative be it customer service or otherwise. Now, especially in the gaming industry, it seems customers go ignored until some one makes a Youtube video or Reddit post - it's shameful.
  3. I understand your point of view and this isn't a dig at Microsoft. All the major console companies have claimed actions to protect customer rights and protect "children". I think these have been thrown around needlessly at times in the past but any platform is supposed to safe regardless of age. If a platform holder can't hold companies accountable for operations on their service then how can they assure the protection of users? As I've previously said, BDO customer services are very prompt at responding to issues, I'd say you get a response in well under an hour BUT they haven't responded to my tickets about the refund request and no one has addressed this topic (or the other post) in the forum. They knew about this issue when I inquired about it on 24-03-2019. They haven't even put a notification in-game to inform users like they did previously about missing silver in the CM at launch and currently the guild quests not completing as intended. This maybe a one off issue on BDO and I hope it is but as games-as-a-service become more prevalent in the future and as a lot of the games on the market use their own digital currency, I imagine situations similar to this will happen more frequently. I don't mean epidemic scale by any means, just more frequently but if the platform holder is "powerless" to protect it's users then what rights can they offer and actually enforce? For instance I have 3 children that engage with Xbox services on Xbox One and Windows 10. As a parent I'd like to know that if a company ripped off my kids that something could be done about in the event the company responsible isn't willing to resolve the issue or even communicate. My suggestion maybe a terrible business model for business but the current one is bad for consumers. Edit: I don't know if I made it clear but I don't mean platform holders should control developer/publisher business models, just aid in resolving issues when necessary - basically protect there customers/users. That may have deviated from the issue at hand but I don't mind been called on things that I say. I don't mind hearing and discussing apposing views. I just wish that customer support would be so open.
  4. I think you may have misunderstood. Attached is one of the images that I originally sent the customer support team when I inquired if there was a bug; As you can see, there's 8 items equipped and I'm not the only one to complain about this;
  5. Thank you for your support. I did get a refund for the pearl pack used to fund the purchase of the items through the Xbox customer support team. Unfortunately my account was blocked by the BDO customer service team until I repurchased the pearl pack that was refunded. The BDO customer service team pretty much help my account ransom because Xbox did what they wouldn't. The BDO overruled the Platform owner which raises concerns about customer protection on the Xbox platform but that's a story for another time.
  6. You're right under the circumstances outline in the Recovery Support Criteria Table; either "Wrong items purchased at the Pearl Store." or " The items wrongly and mistakenly gifted to someone through Pearl Store.". The purchases of the 2 items to create a 8-piece set was done so based on information that wasn't true. It wasn't a bug, the content isn't available so the information should not have been displayed in game. This was obviously an oversight. It should have been a straightforward refund under the circumstances. Ultimately, the company generated revenue (no matter how great or small) based on false information which is fraud. You can't argue that fact. I still believe that under the circumstances, not "Wrong items purchased at the Pearl Store." or " The items wrongly and mistakenly gifted to someone through Pearl Store." that a refund request is reasonable.
  7. I know that because customer services told me after I made the purchases and requested why the effect wasn't working. Does it mention that in the inventory UI or in-game? If so could you please tell me where because I'll hold my hands up and say I missed it. If you open the "Inventory" and press RB twice where you should end up on the "My information" tab. All it states for me (apart from other equipment effects) is; The 4 and 6 effects are highlighted blue because they're active, the 8 parts effect is greyed out because it's inactive. There's no mention of requiring Awakening to enable this effect that I can see. Regarding the recovery of items as you explained and is detailed in the "Recovery Support Criteria Table" of the operational policy is for "Wrong items purchased at the Pearl Store.". The other documented situation detailed is where " The items wrongly and mistakenly gifted to someone through Pearl Store." Neither of those cover this situation.
  8. I informed the customer service team of this issue on 24-03-2019 and there still has been no notification to the community and they're still quiet about removing and refunding items for pearl value. I'm only aware of this being an issue for myself and Shadowalker but I'm sure that we're not the first and won't be the last. It almost feels like customer service is trying to ride this out until Awakening is released which is unfair due to these purchases being made because of an oversight in the UI. Those pearls could be used for something else until Awakening is released and then we would have the choice of repurchasing those items to trigger the 8 piece effect.
  9. I refer you to my post; You may have filled your slots but unfortunately there's no notification to explain that this is not in the game. It requires Awakening even though it's present in the UI. If you go for a refund let me know how you get on because I'm having a nightmare. TLDR; Customer service responses; I was successful in a refund from the Xbox team for a pearl pack when BDO customer service when quiet. I warn you though that if you go through Xbox for a refund your BDO account will be blocked until you repurchase a pearl pack (in my instance, I'm not versed in your situation). Sorry it's not better news.
  10. I had purchased and equipped 6 pearl items, items that I purchased because I wanted to. Later on I saw in "My Information" (inventory UI) that there was an "Outfit Slot Equipment Effect" (8 Parts) that effected Weapon durability consumption -10% and death penalty -10%. I then purchased "[Warrior] Rektar Piercing" and "[Warrior] Raven Ear Cuff" to trigger the 8 piece effect. After equipping 8 Parts in my pearl inventory the effect did not activate so I contacted BDO advise if this is a bug and if so, an ETA for a fix? I had a reply; The problem is that it does not state that this 8 piece effect is disabled, unavailable or coming soon. It's right there and is presented as in the game, presently. I explained that the purchases (the 2 items) were based on what was presented in the UI and so asked for the 2 items be removed and refunded. A simple process I thought under the circumstances. I don't believe that the operational policy covers for this situation. I didn't buy the items and then change my mind . The UI presented the information as is in-game and I purchased accordingly. There was no notification that the 8-piece effect was not in-game or required Awakening. I'm new to the game so wouldn't know that. Regarding the notification when opening pearl packs; I cannot remember what it says but I would imagine that when you open a pearl pack that you're unable to refund the pearls back to the original currency, £ or $ for example, since the operational policy does allow for the removal and refund of items under certain circumstances. I imagine that MS/Xbox don't hand out refunds willy-nilly so if the platform holder agreed with me and issued a refund then perhaps the BDO team has approached this situation poorly? I'm open to criticism and harsh replies; it's how we learn after all. The most frustrating aspect is that the BDO team have gone dark again. I've previously praised the BDO team for quick responses regarding issues but they seem to switch off when "refund" is mentioned. This situation is really killing the enjoyment I've been having on the game. I've spent over £100 to support this game, I clocked the 500 hours reward before my account was blocked, I try to participate is as much content as I can but it's pretty hard because the world is so full and rich which seems to be pretty rare these days. I'm still hopeful that this can be resolved.
  11. I understand your view and but as it stands it doesn't gratify what's happened. The BDO team is quite responsive, I'd say they always reply within the hour but generally much quicker. Even after the BDO admitted fault the refund was denied on grounds that I had equipped the items. Unfortunately without equipping the items and contacting the BDO team I wouldn't have known that the text in the UI was false. A simple removal of the items and refund of the items (in pearls) didn't seem unreasonable to me? I did wait for the team to respond over 2 days (I believe?) without a response. They only responded to me after I informed the BDO team that MS had refunded the pearls and to close the open tickets. It was done within the hour. In my original ticket I asked that the items be removed and refunded, I didn't ask to keep them or ask for compensation. Through the whole process I've tried to be as amicable as possible BUT it is difficult to resolve a situation if the other side is unwilling to respond. I've have supported this game prior to launch by purchasing the Ultimate edition, I purchased Pearl packs there after and looked to support this game monetarily into the future much like I have with Warframe, Gems of War as many other games. Also as reference upon informing the BDO team that it had been resolved with MS; There was no mention of a block on the account. I didn't receive an email stating as such. Nothing. I've been dealing with the Network team to resolve the issue the past few days. That was unfortunately a waste of time for both myself and the team.
  12. If a GM would be so kind as to pull the below topic to the "general" that would be great. What I though was a bug is actually "Customer Service"? Thanks in advance.
  13. This was an account issue. The BDO support team wouldn't refund two items in-game as the purchases were based on false information presented in the inventory UI. After the BDO support team refused to reply to my tickets I contacted Xbox and they issued a refund. It appears that an Xbox refund automatically blocks the account without notification. The BDO team blocked the account until the pearl pack was repurchased through the MS store. After doing so they haven't removed and issued a refund for the items. They've literally regained the refund that Xbox issued and now refuse to respond to tickets. Generating revenue through false information is fraud, illegal. Withholding something for gain is ransom, illegal. Instead of ignoring my tickets why don't we do it publicly on the forums? Perhaps you'll actually respond to my accusations. My offer still stands to the BDO team as stated in the tickets; 1). Either remove and refund the items at the value in pearls. OR 2). Refund the following; £78.49 for the pre-ordered ultimate edition, £23.99 for the pre-ordered standard edition as a gift for my son for we could play together, £15.19 for 2,000 pearls, £07.59 for 1,000 pearls, £07.59 for 1,000 pearls (Order XXXXXXXXXX) to regain my account. BDO . Thanks.
  14. I started having an issues yesterday with not being able to load in-game. It started when I tried to "Switch" from one character to another through the "Disconnect" menu. When the new character loaded in the camera was in a fixed position under the geometry of Velia. I couldn't access any in-game menus and so restated the game through the Xbox button on the controller. Now the game works perfectly through server and character selection and loads as normal until the world is about to render. I recordered this happening using the built in DVR and the world "partially" loads in for 2 frames of the video and the I get disconnected back to the initial BDO "Press A" screen. I'm currently waiting for the support team to respond the the addition information that they requested. I wondered if anyone has experienced this issue and if anyone has any ideas for a potential fix. So far I've tried; 1). Logging in with different Characters and servers (EU) using different combinations of the two. 2). A hard reset of the Xbox One X and router. 3). Xbox One X wired network statistics seems sound. Also tried wireless network connection. 4). Did a speed test on PC and achieving the expected speeds. 5). Tried a fresh install on my old Xbox One (OG) but experienced the same issue. 6). Used phone as a mobile hotspot to bypass home network. Still the same issue. I'm running out of things to try if anyone has any suggestions? The last thing I can think to try is to install BDO on my daughters Xbox One and to try and login with my credentials. If that fails then I'll create a new account to see if it successfully loads in-game. If this works then I'll have to assume it's a server side issue. :'-( UPDATE: It seems that this could be an account issue. I can login in with other accounts, and BDO loads in-game as normal. When I login with my credentials I still experience the issue as detailed in this topic. I'm just waiting now to hear back from the [Account] team. Image; 1). The loading screen after selecting server and character. 2). The secondary loading screen before the world is rendered. 3). The world flashes onscreen for "2 frames" of the recording; it just looks like a flash onscreen when played in real time. 4). Get "Disconnected from Black Desert Servers. Please try again" notification. No error code.
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