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  1. Yeah the bigger p2w guilds are crushing people in higher grind spots. These guys dunno just how pay to win it gets after tri. Unless your willing to gamble heavy for gains. Some of these folks can 2-3 hit ya. Its just not fun in PvP at all. CC - 2 shot dead. No skill intended. It does happen.
  2. Your wallet can help you. Step one - pull out credit card Step two - buy costumes Step three - break costumes into crons Step four - pump hards-sharps-crons in gear until you hit tet or pen. Step five - hit buttons in PvP Step six - enjoy winning the fight. Getting to full tri is easy. The difference between tri-tet is huge. Pen is massive. Tet cost around 500-1000 on average Pen cost around 5000-20000 depending on luck This is the true form of pay to win. So either pay or don't PvP. The choice is yours. You can also grind out dated spots.
  3. This is not exaggerated even a bit. I put around 300$ in to this game sitting at all TRI . Kzarka and bhegs. Rest greens and then jewelry all tri. I have been farming and when hit with a cc and dead in under a second. My exact setup is Kzarka - steel dagger - 3 piece grunil ultimate Bhegs gloves. 2 marks of shadow 2 blue coral glad neck and belt. 209 for hidden bracket of 30 extra AP dp is little low at 249 but still high enough that 2 shot shouldn't happen. I have no cash in my gear at all. I did buy ultimate edition. A few skins extra lodging and pets. Total of about 300. Which is was to much. People buy costumes and pump out crons until they get tet. The difference in full tet and tri is pretty big. Some folks are even hitting pen. I warn you strait up this game is one of the best out there. For having zero end game content. But it is pure p2w. Get your gear up via cash and hold grind spots. The gap will get bigger and bigger. It is in fact grind your fingers bloody. Pay real cash or gtfo. I accepted I can't do PvP unless I wanta drop 1000 plus into the game. So I lifeskill farm and afk alot . over time I may or may not catch up. The pay to win will get bored and move on fast enough. Biggest P2W method is buy costumes get crons. Pump into your gear until successful. With no chance of down grading. Pay for power. Strait up. That doesn't mean the game isn't good...hell you'll only PvP 5% of the time if that. Rest is pve. Full tri isn't hard to get. Its more than enough to grind all areas and get the story dune.
  4. I can be honest I have -- 458gs and have been cced and killed in under a second. around 249 dp. I got my dp in 280 ish i hit like a wet noodle but takes 3 seconds to die
  5. You havent seen the wall yet bro. Wait till uu get 1-2 shotted in pvp by a full p2w - ganking is common. Youll be grinding along then boom your on the ground then dead. After u finally grind up to all tri. Its pay or gtfo...lol
  6. Yes above Tri is pure pay to win. Those that can afford costumes to extract to crons will win hands down in pvp. They also made the crons at Blacksmiths 2m to help push sells of costumes. 29 dollars = 92 crons vs 184 mil. It doesnt really start getting p2w until you have about 500+dollars in it with full tet gear. You can get costume boxes outta the CM...lol almost never but does happen. Getting full tri in game without money isnt hard to do. After that its a huge grind wall or p2w. Unless you are willing to gamble. One of my friends spent 650$ to get tet in 2 hours. The other one tried with out money. Got 1 tet. now his gear is duo-pri. The game is free and you can grind out the upgrades. Will take months. or just spend some cash (500-1000) to be competitive. If you dont want to pay you will get rolled. The contents coming out so fast it almost forces you to pay to keep up. However just get all tri - you can easily do all the pve content. Just dont expect to be good at pvp.
  7. It isn't fun. Awakenings make us stronger. Atm skill isn't a factor and from what Im reading on PC It gets way worse. GS > than all atm. My concern is that the Tet/pen is behind a huge investment - Via cash or time. Problem is those that choose cash and get tet/pen in a week will destroy others and force them out of grind spots. Then the grind to even this out will be 2-5 months How many will be left? Then those that have fought the struggle. Are forced to gamble at complete trash % to even get a upgrade.
  8. Yeah ill be focused on DP - 249 feels abit low. but even at full tet itll only be 275 ish
  9. With tet and pen the GS gap is even bigger now. So heres what we are seeing. A 50-100 GS gap is no longer based on skill. I'm running full TRI 209/249 458gs and was 2 shotted this morning. This shouldn't be a issue this early in the game. I understand losing in pvp and 5-10 hits but 2 shotted at over 450 GS. It makes it pretty clear theres no way to compete with out sinking a lot of money into the game. Sure you can grind but if a few of these high rollers are killing you in those spots in 2-3 hits...well that makes it hard to even grind for upgrades. Croms being 2 mil a pop to force us to buy costumes. This is a pretty horrible tactic. Tri and above the enhancement system is just pure gambling. No one wants to gamble away a weeks worth of gametime or that kind of money for a small chance (very small chance) for TeT even at 75-90FS. Then when you fail. You can destroy accessorys or downgrade gear...All the while P2W people are just buying up costume after costume and breaking them down to get tet or pen. I love the game the style and content. I fear the gap between paying and f2p will be to great. There is no skill involved in getting 2 shotted. Ive put a couple of hundred in the game myself - Pets/lodging/costumes/and I bought the ultimate edition. I'm not putting more cash into the game.
  10. yes it is im loving the game. I dont mind to invest. but I wont get insane.
  11. Want real progression Pull out your wallet and get those gains. Im hearing full pen is only 5-10 grand. Depending on rng and all. 3% to pen kzarka at 125 stacks so...better dig deep boys.
  12. The true pay to win doesn't start until tet-pen. We all knew it was coming. a buddy of mine got 2 pens yesterday and rest is tet. right over 560 GS lol costed him about 5000 dollars. Now hes steam rolling kids. lol its funny to watch....yet everyone saying the game isn't pay to win.
  13. Yeah the game is very pay to win at tet and above. A lot of tri and below players don't see it yet. I hear arguments that its not its all about skill. But lets see a 350gs beat a 500gs player much less a p2w 550-600. The enhancement system is trash. Fail stacking is even worse. In no way shape or form should I have to choose to gamble items I spent weeks to get. Blowing up jewelry....that is non sense. I personally have put 300 in the game so far. Honestly that is way to much. The game will not change with players just dumping money into it. Its only going to get worse. Building into TRI isn't a issue. It is acceptable. Tet is pushing it and in no way shape or form would I even attempt pen. This game was designed to get in your pocket. Gaming companys have taken gambling way to far these days. Its just as much the players fault for supporting it though. People will rush to defend it aswell… Its clear whats going on here. They get you addicted then push Pay to win in your face like a drug. Preying on the addicted. Its a bad road . In this game its gambling your money/time. Anyone that doesn't see that is clearly blind. Beware.
  14. The Games clearly pay to win....but who cares. I'll grind when I want I pay when i want or Ill play another game. Do you have to spend money . No . can you buy stuff sell in CM for silver. YES . Can you pay to win. Yes. It boils down to money or time. The game will make it hard on you if your not spending money. People that say its not pay to win are clearly blind. Anything that gives a advantage with money is PAY TO WIN. The fact is you either accept it or you don't.
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