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  1. i have the higher rank. the ani cancel is hold down RT and then RB>LB>RB>LB>RB>LB>RB etc. it isn't perfect but it's a "workable" cancel i suppose. the WW cancel would have been better.
  2. bump where is the animation cancel for chase II ???????
  3. how to cancel chase skill in xbox version? level past 22
  4. Reinforever

    Show Your Musa!

    we are the only ones playing musa on xbox.
  5. yep ever since switching to that system you suggested it's been life changing.
  6. i've been using the lt+dpad 4 slots as my 4 skill slots and using the up/down ring slots as my menu/fluff stuff but your method seems much easier to manage.. will try that out. edit: the way he outlines is hands down the intended way the slots were supposed to be used. feels much better.
  7. yeah that's a big oversight and the gm's need to address that before a bunch of people buy pearl items and refund them.
  8. this probably has something to do with a server change they implemented once they released mediah. expect issues like this to be fixed with next patch hopefully. key terms; probably, hopefully
  9. you can also set up the map to rotate like an actual compass if you prefer. it's in the game settings.
  10. see there ya go, they literally give you for free the item that counters ghillie suit.
  11. This is a pvp game at it's core. that's why all of the end game mechanics focus on the player vs player aspect and the balancing comes from the player vs player aspect. if you want a pve game there's plenty of pve games out there. Don't try to make it a pve game. my .02
  12. same. grey pieces seem to be counting as 0.
  13. the effects are disabled in node war so people literally only use this for open world pvp. there's no benefit of hiding your name as people still glow bright RED when they are fighting you. if you are worried about figuring out whos in the guild, use flares (loyalty shop item that reveals the name and guild of the hidden player). another thing to note is that this costume doesn't get any combat xp buffs. the reason everyone is wearing it because open world pvp is the only accessible pvp content to most until node wars and shadow arena come out.
  14. Wholeheartedly agree with the content of this post. This game was always meant to be a pvp game for guilds to mess around in and create a story for the game. The people coming in expecting a handheld story and troves of pve content will be disappointed. edit: a better title for this game would have been guild wars.. oh wait 😛
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