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  1. Well we know there’s a dev kit coming out with anaconda so devs can upscale the game for it. Was just wondering if it’s in the pipeline or if it’s too much work to get it on to next gen.
  2. Is the same on Xbox. Has prob been removed due to crossplay. You can still find recipes if you go into start menu>knowledge>life skill and check them that way if it helps.
  3. Does anyone know if there’s any plans to release the game for next gen consoles and if so can we expect a more enhanced version of the game? Would really love to be able to play this on the Anaconda when it comes out, and not a watered down version, like Xbox has now.
  4. I am seeing a difference now. Sometimes instead of having the error I’m getting the screen freeze and crash and I have to reboot the game. Other than that I haven’t found any error codes. I’ll keep playing and testing and if I find anything I’ll post an update here.
  5. Not sure if the info helps but I had the same error code this morning after an all night grind on dummies afk. Again I was able to ok the error and keep playing for 3 more hours until the game crashed. I restarted the game and it told me to update, which I started but it finished at around 20%. I then retried to log in and game was ok again. I did not have to reinstall this time. Hope the info helps to correct the problem.
  6. Have just come across this error code at login. It started during game but would let me ok it and keep playing. It would allow me to switch characters and ok the error to keep playing. I switched the game off and restarted to refresh and now it will not allow me to login, giving the same code titled. Is there any fix known for this? Update: uninstall and reinstall has sorted the problem if anyone else has the same problems.
  7. Holy *****t! Am I really seeing this thread?? Instead of the devs removing force PvP just for you, Mr entitled, how about you just remove yourself from the game and not cry so loudly? Go play runescape.... sounds more your type of game.
  8. I play as warrior. So many ways to cc people and some decent mobility to go along with holding a big shield to hide behind. Love watching people wind up into a combo while I put my shield up and cc. Can almost back to back some big burst damage too (wp allowing), using the cc. I love how not having to lock in predictable combos makes warrior unpredictable in fights. At lvl 57 the warrior gets a healing skill as well, which makes him more tanky. Look back through your skill list and add ons. I'm sure you're missing something if you think warrior is naff.
  9. Thank you. I thought this was the case. I'll keep gathering for shards then 😁
  10. Not really. Do you get to refund your groceries after trying them? Or are they being anti-consumer too? If this is a real problem and people don't read the TOS then it's not the company's fault, and they should just stop giving refunds to sort the problem.
  11. I totally agree. They should stop refunding the game and let people keep their copy - wanted or not.
  12. Has anyone tried this to find out?
  13. That's UTC and GMT. In case you haven't noticed we are now GMT+1. The Times are correct.
  14. Ok I've spent time (a week) Cutting nothing but trees. My main with 5 luck and gathering with lucky tools will pick up 1 or 2 shards every gather of about 140 energy. I used alts with 4 luck and 4 gathering with 0 lucky tools and I get 1 shard or nothing per gather of 140 energy. The quest lines for life skills, it would seem they haven't added mats to complete them yet. So grab lucky tools and go gather. Other than that there's Tulem in Altinova that gives you 3 hards and sharps for completing his quest. Gathering with lucky tools IS the fastest way added thus far for hards and sharps. 20 hards and 8 sharps over 1 week of gathering isn't great but that's where we are at right now.
  15. Yeah seeing that a lot lately. Considering at level 49 it lets you choose to PvP or not, the crying is all these people's own fault. If you do wanna PvP then you have to accept there are always better skilled/geared players than you. The only way to get stronger is by fighting a stronger opponent.
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