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  1. I have xbox one x too and this game runs like hot garbage. You would think with all the whale money they get they could afford servers better than fortnite has to offer.... and that games free lol
  2. Wrong I played got a few items upgrades. I quit because I wasted money trying to get a T8 horse which they lied about was in the game when it really wasnt. And received no compensation..... It's like someone saying *play our lottery for a chance to win this car* but the car is not actually real.... so people pay hoping to get it.... So yeah scammers run this game...
  3. T5 dont exist just like how they lied that T8s was in the game and people waste money trying to get one. They are F class scammers
  4. Smell that?.... I smell Bulllllllll shiiiiiiiii
  5. Simple solution... quit the game its crap anyways lol
  6. Haha... we been saying this for months and months and people called us a troll.... now look me and everyone on the forum and the 100s of posts people made... we was all right. The company is Pure greed and this is a massive P2W game we said it would get worse and more pay to win and look what happend we was right... Hate to say it but... told you so. It's only gona get more pay to win and more worse.
  7. Why? When the forums is so fun to watch all the angry incel neckbeard squeal and scream the moment you say anything negative about the game lol It's too fun aha
  8. I like reading the forums and watching all the nerdy incel neckbeard rage the moment you say anything negative about the game lol. It's fun to read when your on the toilet.
  9. loving PS4 emo scum are so damn stupid post in your own section. No wonder the PS4 is the worst console. Only idiots buy a PS4. It's like buying apple and thinking it's good... Although they will say it had more sales than xbox..... justin bieber had more record sales than a lot of artists dont mean he was good...
  10. This community would be some much better without you too. Why don't you follow your everyone else chillmeister and leave this place. Go play fortnite or cod or whatever type of people like you play.
  11. Games already dead lol They are gona milk the PS4 community for a few weeks before that one dies too lol
  12. Again. TRIGGERD!!! Aha want some fries with that salt? 😂 Oh the irony of you saying people talking shite when you do it more than anyone 😂 Never seen someone more triggered aha 😂
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