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  1. So I logged in after the update and went to check rewards under "Profile" as usual. Got the event stuff for playing 5 minutes, as well as the usual 100 loyalty points. Claimed the event items, but claiming loyalty points just won't work. Also, horse info box kept popping up when I try to navigate to this section. Anyone else experience this, or find workarounds? Did the usual restart & delete save data, etc.. On a side note; pet info still won't show, my crow is still invisible. Want that new pet fox but I'm going to hold off until this is fixed for sure. Bugs.
  2. Wow, this thread... Least said. Anyway, a separate class for Xbox would be great. Right now Xbox is playing catch up to PC. Something unexpected would be refreshing and could entice players familiar to the game to try Xbox. I'd like to see a druid/shaman class maybe? In tune with both the natural & supernatural. Animalistic symbols. Not quite magic like a wizard or witch, maybe like tamer or sorceress almost in some ways? Could be interesting.
  3. I get frustrated when I go AFK & my horse or wagon gets caught on rocks or fences. Or some enemy that wanders into the way, then brings buddies to mob my trapped mount. If you meant to run straight from point A to point B, it would be even worse.
  4. My Karlstein kitty still won't share his secrets... Also, I have been the proud owner of an invisible crow for some time now. Just a loyal nametag following wherever I go. 'Cause that's the part everyone cares about, the nametag.😡
  5. Nothing equipped & no previous exchanges I assume? Just checking basics.Probably rewards horse stuff I guess.
  6. Probably obvious to everyone besides me, but you don't need sugar to tame a horse and can ride your normal horse back to stables, with wild horse following after. You can eat up 10 sugar lumps to tame a horse, or just wait next to it for a minute & watch body language. They will periodically lower their heads, ears splayed, with one hind hoof lifted a little (like a real horse at rest). Third or so time is when to mount up. Once you've succeeded in getting on its back, you can dismount & it will follow (albeit slowly) wherever you go. So you can take your normal horse or wagon back to the city with you. Saves trips.
  7. I'm so glad you went for Pingu and not "Happy Feet"
  8. I tried breeding horses for colors, but it doesn't make sense to me. 2 black & white T3's gave me a T4 foal that was red. Same combo later gave me a mostly white foal with yellow tail. Plus, red foal had better stats, (115% everything over 110%), but sale prices showed the mainly white foal was worth more? I hear that on PC, colors matter for coursers/ awakenings, so I want a good stable when that's released on Xbox- even if it takes a while for that to happen. Also, black horses just look better. LOL, my lucky color?
  9. Also, losing internet connection, however briefly, interrupts what you are doing. Leave your horse running & you may come back to find yourself stranded somewhere with mobs. Still, if people could just log in once a week or even once an hour or so, & then leave & come back over powered compared to new players, things would end badly. It's kind of fair?
  10. Pick a point on the map (works best if you choose a straight section of road). You can hit X to head there directly, or choose LT + X to highlight in green. Then, select a second point the same way. You should have a simple loop appear leading back to where you started that your mount/wagon will follow when you press down on the left stick. You can add more markers to enlarge the loop, or try to stick to safe zones if you are a really cautious player. Left unattended the controller will shut off, and you will have to hit A twice after turning it back on to restart. If your internet connection isn't great, you might be sent back to the loading screen or log in & out again, which will stop the horse and clear the autoloop path. Annoying, but it is worse if you are left stranded in a combat zone while you are AFK. All I can suggest is to use a wagon- train multiple horses, and if it is destroyed the horses are not killed, so death counter/ breeding counter are unaffected. Also, might be good to run your auto-loop once to make sure it is obstacle-free. Running a horse into a wall for an hour= 0 EXP. Cliffs are not so fun either. BTW? Caution does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! You can run off a cliff inadvertently and your horse may rear up, but too late. It can also stop you dead in your tracks if you hit a pebble in the road.
  11. Yeah, my karlstein kitty won't show info, all other pets work fine. Started at update. At least I can still use him.
  12. How bad chat is depends on time of day. Sometimes it's alright. But a lot of the time, there's pretty messed up stuff in the chat. Not talking about people being mad over PvP losses or lack of help, there's times when everyone just gets into a one-upping match to be the most offensive. Censors are ridiculous though, random, game-related words are blocked constantly while racist/sexist crap is allowed through.
  13. I think that's still PKing- but go get 'em! LOL
  14. Not always tier one either, any wild horse is a marked target. I'll be about to lasso a T3 when along comes some butcher to scare it off. If you can get the lasso on anyway, it ends their game though, lol. Only time I kill a horse is when one has spawned inside a rock or cliff. You can't lasso them, they can't move, no new horse appears... It's a mercy, really. 😈
  15. Grimalkin

    Censor P2W

    That's the most offensive thing you see in chat? Which server? I'll swap now!
  16. That would be useful- also, checking pet's info without having them out? Or turning off the nameplates above them!
  17. Some of the comments made on chat are pretty horrible though. Blocking words is one thing, but racist, sexist, homophobic slurs/ outright bullying needs to stop. There's got to be a line between "free speech" and "hate speech."
  18. I bred two T3's, both grey & wild caught; got a very red maned, gold-colored T5 male first time, a greenish T4 female with dark mane & white tail second. Plus, lucked out & bought a second T4 female identical to this at level 16 on market, very cheap. I want to select the best color combinations so I can get the highest stats as I go... but judging a horse's colors is hard. Can't seem to predict how much black, white or red is in each. A lot of charts out there are for PC, doesn't all look the same on Xbox. And leveling takes SOOO long!
  19. True! A lot of games are showing smaller and smaller font sizes. You can use magnifying tool, but doing so is a pain at best. Breaks immersion, or else is impossible because of the time it takes. You need a massive screen & to sit less than a meter from it to read everything- and my eyes are just fine.
  20. Okay, I guess this checklist is nothing new, but maybe it will help? 1.If there are obstacles (trees, rocks, etc.) between you & the horse, do not throw the rope. Throw the rope at the horse only when the area is clear. 2.Crosshairs will be red when you are in range. Throw the rope, slider will appear. Time it right, press "A" when prompted & you will successfully lasso it. 3.Do not press any buttons after this or the rope will snap! Approach the horse until it rears, only then press "A" to trigger the mini game (mashing "B" button). Repeat until you get to the horse. 4.Use sugar, or wait until horse's body language changes and appears calm. Using one sugar will end the minigame session, let you move about a bit, but you can catch a horse without any sugar if you just time it right (approx. 45 seconds). Then mount. May take a few tries. If you are unsure, use more sugar!
  21. Will chat get less toxic when all the angsty teens direct their attention to NPCs instead? If so, I approve. If not, what's the point?
  22. Wait, weeds are good for something? I need to stop destroying those...
  23. Haven't had too many issues, but my horse does seem to vary its autoloop enough to get caught up when I'm not there, or nosedive off a cliff (even though I ran the loop once while watching to be sure it was working). I think sometimes monsters will get in the way, especially if chasing someone. Don't think it's anyone doing so on purpose though. Caution is the most useless skill though, learning that could affect things. Doesn't stop you going off a cliff when you're on auto, but makes the horse stop dead over a stray boulder. Change out that skill if you can afford to do so.
  24. Honestly, Bandon is loud but haven't seen him do anything more than bragging. There's people spamming slurs, hurling insults at everyone, messed up RP playing out all over the place. Maybe I missed something he said or did, but yelling "I AM THE GREATEST" is hardly worth noting in comparison to usual chat antics. The guy would probably give up if everyone just ignored him anyway. All just hot air.
  25. People trying desperately to one-up each other in chat with progressively more offensive comments, all while the rest of use are censored for words actually RELATED to gameplay? Either needs to be fixed, or get rid of censors altogether. People seem to use Discord & such to work around it, but the whole point of an MMO is to interact with others. Sorry, but if it doesn't work as advertised, it's broken.
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