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  1. Definitely the Development team!
  2. Having such a server would be terrible ping wise for the majority of players in a pvp focused game. Having region specific servers with server location that accommodates the masses, is the only way to go. Unless it's some kind of global server with multiple host in all supported regions with dedicated channels. For example NA players who frequent the NA channels, have the ability to visit the EU channels whenever they want. I assume that could work.
  3. Thank you! This is exactly what I wanted to hear. I don't expect details on server location to be released yet obviously but I just wanted to shed some light and attention to PA on a factor that can make or break the game for many players. I appreciate your response!
  4. Server location is the main reason my friends and I never bothered with BDO on PC. We we're hyped for BDO 2 years ago when it launched in NA, however, being the hardcore PvPers that we are, the server location Kakao picked in San Jose, CA. was a direct slap in the face to East Coast players. I beg any Community Manager here to please express this issue to PA that the player base deserves CENTRALIZED servers. Servers of good quality in a location that works for both West and East Coast players in the NA region. Ping and server stability is especially important for a PvP focused game. Over the past 2 years all I've heard from BDO players are about the terrible servers and desync they constantly experience. PLEASE don't make the same mistake Pearl Abyss. PLEASE use common sense and give us centralized servers. I believe I've heard Kakao is now possibly moving the servers for BDO on PC after the contract is up this April. It seems like Kakao didn't expect BDO to take off the way it did and tried to save money and go the cheap route with the servers. If the CM here can inform the devs about the community's concern on this issue, maybe we can avoid any mistakes before it's too late.
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