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  1. <Feared> -NA Guild -PvX -Node Wars -Chill Atmosphere -4 Nodes Currently (What We Offer) -Daily Node Wars -Max Guild Missions -Max Guild Buffs -Max Daily Pay -Constant Party Chat -Group Scroll Runs -Weekly Bonus Payout [What We Require] -Lvl 59+ -475 Gear Score(209 AP Bracket) -Discord -No Drama -Node War Attendance -Adult Only -Daily Activity Encouraged We Are Currently Accepting Groups Or Small Guild Merges If Everyone Meets Our Requirements GT: Mayonnaise Plz https://discord.gg/UaQGqqX
  2. <Feared> - End-Game Guild - PVX - Node Wars - NA -Chill Atmosphere <About Us> #High Daily Pay #Max Missions #Bonus Pay #Node Wars #Max Buffs #Zero Drama Policy #100% Active Guild #We Own 3 Nodes <Requirements> *450+ Gear Score *58+ Level *Node War Attendance *Weekly Activity *Guild Contribution *Social *No Carebears *Node Wars Mon-Wens We accept Groups and Small Guilds to merge into us. https://discord.gg/UaQGqqX GT: Mayonnaise Plz
  3. <Feared> |NA| [PVX] About Us: We are a tight-knit group of serious mmo players that have formed a loyal core over the past few months in the bdx community that wish to continually progress through future content. Most of our core play on a daily basis for countless hours grinding while hanging out in party chat. Party Chat is constantly up 24/7 from members rotating on and off. We wish for everyone in our guild to feel a part of the guild as a whole so we encourage taking part in guild events and hanging out with other members in party chat to build chemistry. Our main goals is having fun by doing as much as possible that is currently offered from content. We do wish for members to be balanced between pvp/pve. What We Do: Daily Guild RBF Groups Daily PvP Node Wars Twice A Week Guild Bosses Max Daily Missions Whaling What We Require: Level 58+ 450 Mature Adults No Toxicity Node War Attendance What We Offer: Max Buffs High Daily Pay Bonus Pay Guild Events 70+ Active Members We are accepting small group/guild merges at the moment https://discord.gg/UaQGqqX GT: Mayonnaise Plz
  4. <Feared> [NA] Serious PvX Guild is recruiting Highly Active Members for Node Wars & Whaling. Daily Activity is highly encouraged for progression. Our Home Server is Valencia-1. We have a solid reliable core that plays on average about 8-12 hours daily which we are building from. We track weekly activity and progression to set reasonable standards for the entire guild to achieve. We are constantly raising our requirements to meet progression and tweaking our guild to be efficient at management so some flexibility is required for us. We are accepting small guild mergers currently. Our Requirements: Lvl 59+ 450+ Gear Score 18+ Adult No Toxicity Discord Required Daily Activity Node War Attendance Perks: Max ap Max dp +1 fishing +2 gathering max siege damage reduction Max hp Max guild missions Daily pvp. Node wars tier 2 to 4 Bonus payout Renewed contracts every 10k 80+ active members https://feared.xyz https://discord.gg/UaQGqqX
  5. <Feared> [NA] Serious PvX Guild Requirement 58+ Level 450+ Gear Score 18+ Adult No Toxicity Discord Daily Activity Roughly 30 minute interview process Perks: Max ap Max dp +1 fishing +2 gathering Max guild missions 10-15 guild boss scrolls once a week Daily pvp Node wars Alliances Bonus payout Mobile app for guild management(coming soon) https://feared.xyz https://discord.gg/UaQGqqX GT: Mayonnaise Plz
  6. <Feared>[NA] is a Hardcore PvP Guild recruiting highly active members who wish to constanyly progress into new content to compete with top tier guilds in node/conquest war for control of regions in the game. We love to pvp at every moment in this game and believe that this game requires a mind that is ready for war even when at peace. We provide a very chill atmosphere that has a no drama policy with zero tolerance. We will not hesitate to remove toxic players to keep a great atmosphere within our family. We bring years of bdo experience to our guild from leadership and members along with decades of running guilds in various other mmos back from the days of everquest. Benefits: -Highly Active Members -Adults Only -Zero Drama Policy -Max Daily Mission -Daily Guild Boss -Daily PvP -Scroll Runs -Discord -Server Val-1 -Ap+4 -Dp+4 -Fishing+1 -Gathering+1 Requirements: -Adults 18+ -55Lvl -350+gs -Discord -Constant Progression Message Me On Xbox or Discord For More Info Discord: <Feared>dispathic#0922 or GT: Mayonnaise Plz. https://discord.gg/7VN5MVq
  7. <Feared> [NA] New Adult PVP Guild is currently recruiting dedicated adult players to join us on Val-1. Leadership has years of BDO experience with officers that have over 20 years of experience running pvp guilds in another mmorpgs over the years. We are a serious guild with high expectations to succeed over the years at this game. - Daily Guild Mission - Daily Pay with increases based on contribution - Weekly Guild Boss - Daily Guild PVP - Seasoned, Veteran PC players to provide you with knowledge. - Arena practice - Gear grinding to get ready for node wars -Lifeskillers are welcomed - +1gathering/+1fishing/+2ap/+1dp Requirements -18+ -lvl 50+ -300gs+ -Discord -Pvp -Guild Events You can send a DM for details (GT: Mayonnaise Plz ), or join us in Discord: https://discord.gg/7VN5MVq
  8. <Feared> A new Adult Pvp/Node War guild focused on all forms of pvp. We are currently seeking new members with high activity and dedication to the game. Our leadership brings years of BDO experience to the guild with officers that have over decades running end game guilds in various other mmorpgs, as well. Both new and experienced players are encouraged to apply. Our goal is simply to be the best guild at all forms of pvp including controlling an entire server once conquest wars are added. We have 5 daily guild missions, stack daily boss scrolls per week, stack 2 days of guild boss scrolls, arena pvp practice, Guild Buffs including +2ap,+1dp,+1gathering,+1fishing. Our requirements are being atleast 18 years old. Level 50+, 300gs+, discord, Attendance of guild events if you are online, no drama, Dont be a scrub. Please message in discord or gamertag to talk more. Gamertag: Tohur Discord: Tohur#7224 Gamertag: Mayonnaise Plz Discord: <feared>dispathic#0922
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