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  1. Apologize for the double post. The chat window settings are beyond broken for me. Items post within the system 2 to 3 times resulting in spam even though the settings are turned off. It has resulted in my chat box having to be completely turned off at this point
  2. The hype sounds real for Archer. Potential class with 2nd half of road map maybe? Lol. All the same... Ranger awakening.. is it underwhelming? Gameplay of it seems lackluster and I'm a bit concerned about it.
  3. Is it possible to add approximate value or actual value of trash loot to vendors? For example: Mysterious Rock Fragment x892 Sale Price: 1,700 Current Value of Stack: 1,516,400 Something to give us a nice idea of how much our stacks are worth. Nothing major and I get is completely pure convenience factor but would be nice change since we get approximate CM values too.
  4. With the introduction of awakening being not too far off I was curious if people were gonna start rerolling or keeping their mains. I'm current a ranger and while it's fun, the awakening is kind of throwing me off. DK was fun on PC and Tamer was the only other one I've tried and not yet available here. I'd like to hear some insight!
  5. Natural, you're on alot of these posts spouting the same stuff. Elements such as the pearl shop in this game make progressing easier. There is no denying that. It's more of a pay for convenience factor than winning. It's not like they can buy full PEN gear for a flat price or buy a level 65 character boost for a flat price either. People are literally buying costumes to melt them for a shot with RNG and as cruel as this game is I'm not surprised some people resort to this. All the while they still have to play the game, get the gear worth blowing that money on and then buy/farm the resources to even be able to even upgrade the gear. Let people play their way, and if you dont agree that's fine. There is a door waiting for all the people who'd rather not be here.
  6. I felt the rookie pack for 4000 Pearls they released not to long ago was pretty solid. I forgot all it came with but I know I got a 30 day value pack, per, 16 plus inventory and 15 of each Kamasylve Blessing and Sealed combat. This is very extensive and a lot of bang for 40 bucks. All the same saying 40 for all this is still somewhat painful lol
  7. I got my TET Kzarka on 3rd attempt as well. Armor on the other hand... they're needing some love..still rocking full duo
  8. Utilize custom window. Which is still admittedly buggy. things often post twice on the screen looking like you received double the drops or not even showing the drop at all. Still some kinks needs worked out
  9. I've attempted to use the new settings and there are visibly no changes. I want to view only Guild and System announcements. Tired of seeing the server and world chats but turning them off or on results in no change. Addendum: I found my cause. Please delete this topic
  10. It wont ever happen but I'd love to see BDO incorporate the Witchers in here. Would be so fun to realize them in an action MMO like this. Swap between silver swords for beasts and monsters and steel sword for PvP. It wont ever happen.. but such a cool idea.
  11. RNG is RNG which seems to be the statement of the century when it comes to this game. One day you're drowning in drops, the next, not a single thing. Realistically these days are going to happen. As for Kzarka fights, the system favors those with higher DPS and will most likely be that way until such a thing becomes instanced which I sincerely doubt ever happens. Keeping fighting the fight though, nothing is ever out of reach in BDO, just takes a little more time.
  12. I can see this definitely being a viable and reasonable request. More people favor the Rage Absorption for PvE and PvP and it's a shame to lose Black Spirit charge to your rotation
  13. Truthfully I prefer the new style. Dont have to have a million pets and the value seems more on point
  14. I just want weapon stones to stop plummeting this Emissary Seal event and hot time events need to hurry up so the market will go back on the mend hahaha. The economy is going to change dramatically with the introduction of new content. Things drop or raise as the requirements change. It's not a new concept of any MMO and will always happen. In due time everything finds its value and will stabilize, but were talking about 2 months worth of time. Hardly at all a chance for the market to assume proper pricing
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