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  1. What goodies? A dog, 500 pearls and 30 days value pack? Lol. $20 just for that? Pre-orders these days, so overpriced. The fanboys still buy, no brain lol this is why they ruin the gaming industry. I believe the 30 days value pack also comes with the $10 base version? 500 pearls costs $5 so that means you pay $15 just for a dog lol what a joke.
  2. Weird, if you go to this site https://www.xbox.com/en-US/games/black-desert It still says "pre-order" and shows you the pre-order prices. But if you go to microsoft.com store, it says 9,99 €
  3. Ok dumb troll, and you got triggered by me telling the truth that you are a fanboy and a millennial lol. Go learn English already, it's spelled fanboy*, not fan boy. I doubt you are perma red because you don't want your gear to degrade but if you are a ganker, that just proves not only you are dumb, cringey, uneducated but you are also a lowlife coward, bad human being. Gankers don't have skill and courage to fight someone at their own level so they abuse newbies, like cowards. Not trying to insult, just telling the truth you millennials don't like to read. Just for the sake of comparison, to prove your attention span dumb joke wrong, I played other MMOs that lasted me for years, unlike BDO. For longer than a few months? Really? This other guy that came from PC played for 2 days the Xbox version and already ran out of things to do, he is now getting bored with the game lol how's that to prove you wrong once again? Go buy yourself a brain and an education.
  4. The irony? Your first comment to me started with insults and disrespect: "Lol your ability to troll is peerless man. People please ignore what this plebeian says about the game." So, since you can't act like a respectful mature adult, I treated you the same way, you get what you deserve. I only treat with respect people who are respectful and deserve respect.
  5. Thanks for proving me right lol it's spelled you're*, not your. You prove you are not very gifted in the brain department. Also, being beat up by a mystic? Lol. You think you're funny? Some people like me have a brain and don't care, don't agree with forced pvp. That is not the point. Because you don't have a brain, you think it's all about pew pew pew and ganking lol. With that mindset you must be one of the dumb kids who says "spot taken" lol I tried that silly aspect of the game too. You are so dumb you don't realize when you say "spot taken" like a dumb fortnite no brain pew pew kid, you actually end up losing the spot because after you gank a newbie 2 times, you run away scared to lose more karma and go red lol......
  6. Lol they didn't even bother with adding this basic feature requested by many players? What a joke. Even Neverwinter on Xbox has the screen adjustment option.
  7. In what region do you see that price? I'm not sure if my store hasn't updated yet but it still shows me the same price as before, $29.99 for standard edition. Check the current Steam prices below. How is this on PC free to play? Lol. You are giving wrong information.
  8. Lol your ability to troll and be a fanboy is very cringeworthy (like your cringey anime name). Troll? You need to look up the definition of troll, you must be a millennial who doesn't know the meaning of words. I gave many valid arguments, that's not trolling. Way to go on not being adult enough to respect different opinions. People please ignore what this fanboy says. I did all the things you listed. I loved some of them like horse breeding and catching. Every one of them gets repetitive fast. The game lasts 1 or 2 months until it gets too repetitive and boring, this is a fact. I leveled up many different horses and then had them make babies to have higher tier horses. Like every lifeskill, it gets to a repetitive point where we ask ourselves why are we doing the same repetitive task everyday only to see a tiny percentage bar go up a little less everyday. After 2 months, there is nothing else new to see, we have seen it all, we have tried it all, everything is repetitive and shallow. "This is a Player versus Player oriented game"? Well not so fast. While endgame has a lot of PVP, me and some people don't agree with forced PVP in the open world and judging from all the PVE activities in the game (some of which you listed), PVE questing, PVE lifeskilling, PVE exploration, etc. the game has a lot of PVE as well. I went whale hunting in a big group and in small groups several times. I hunted 2 or 3 whales before it got very repetitive, it's always the same thing over and over again. So I stopped doing that, the point of a game is to have fun and a challenge. Roleplaying is also interesting in whale hunting because when in small groups we can have conversations and social interactions while travelling to the whale. I'm a hunter, I developed hunting and almost all lifeskills. I upgraded my matchlock many levels and worked the market for matchlock comparisons. I know a lot about hunting because it was interesting to me. Even so, it also got repetitive and boring after a couple of months like the whole game.
  9. "Dirty" is their middle name bro, companies abuse everyone because you millennial fanboys don't have a brain and pre-order everything right away without thinking, without research. Next time don't pre-order without doing some research first. Anyway, why don't you play Black Desert when your brother is playing Fortnite? Lol. I assume you and your brother are not very gifted in the brains department judging from your angry posts, therefore you both must play no brain Fortnite pew pew pew lol.
  10. Bro are you trying to smoke weed?
  11. So what? They still make valid points. I can go back to the game as well for a short period to see what's new, like they did. The guy in the first video really sums up well the experience and why most people quit by level 56 or 58 when they realize the amount of grind needed and the rewards are almost non existant, no point.
  12. No, I didn't pick the wrong game to play and I experienced everything in 2 months. Nothing else new to see, everything gets repetitive in 1 or 2 months. It's not about the holy trinity. BDO has no classes because all the classes are the same, just a copy & paste of each other with the same powers and weird korean names, I would like some variety. Yeah I did lifeskill long enough, I said "professional" as just an example. I know all that and experienced it. Sure going up in trade gives you more money, for what? Only to see a bar go up, nothing more. My point remains valid. You grind trade to see an each time smaller % tiny bar go up.
  13. Other MMOs have better tools for social interaction. One of the biggest problems with BDO is its interface and menus, so bad. They have the technology to build a really good modern interface but fail miserably. The interface is so buggy. Take friends list for example, doesn't work lol. No point in adding friends, when you send them a private message, they don't even get a sound or notification, no way of knowing. Not everything is bad. I enjoyed BDO general chat, it can be funny with some jokes said there and the lack of mods, lack of censorship is great in a day and age when there's no freedom of speech anymore in most social networks like Facebook. Censorship never works. Some of the problems with social interactions in BDO boil down to its poor interface and mechanics. Actions and movements that should be fun, quick, are not. Actions like climbing on your horse, getting off your horse, getting off your wagon, some emotes, are really slow, clumsy, can't get interrupted, take a very long time. This is an example of a poor game mechanic that really destroys social interactions. Emotes are there, sure, that is in theory fun, but their poor implementation takes away all the fun. They take a long time to cast, are not easily used. Other people don't even notice if I'm doing emotes because the visualisation is not good. I could go on and on with examples of interface and mechanics problems like this.
  14. another blind fanboy triggered lmao *CRINGE intensifies*........ white knight fanboys fanboying is such cringe
  15. Oh yeah u got triggered all right with my comments showing the truth lol that's why you replied like that. I'm not a hater. If you read some of my comments you see I give real arguments, I also said I loved the pve lifeskills for example. I "LOVED". Can u read? Opposite of hater. But I'm not a blind fanboy like you, I saw the problems and i tell the truth.
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