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  1. Wild Marshmallow

    Walking on Water

  2. Wild Marshmallow

    Pre-Order Black Desert Now; Launches March 4th

    Exactly, "smart" kids who are ruining the gaming industry, so many of them order the most expensive version as soon as pre-orders become available lol just read the forums, social networks. Why would companies start to act less scummy if these braindead kids pay for every shallow thing in games and encourage the bad business practices with money? "Mom where's your credit card again?". Welcome to 2019. Rich moms, rich dads who have no clue on how to educate kids properly.
  3. Wild Marshmallow

    Pre-Order Black Desert Now; Launches March 4th

    Lol no standards. These guys right here are the modern gamers who are ruining gaming industry, because of this mindset. Because of them companies are abusing gamers and nowadays every game releases with 3 editions, loot boxes, paid early access, paid beta, all that incomplete BS. If guys like them buy the most expensive editions, why change?
  4. Wild Marshmallow

    Received Enforcement From Live

    That's what I meant by acting arrogant, cocky. I didn't like that attitude, honestly. I have the right to have an opinion about people, just being honest. His co-worker who was in charge of the background messed up a few times and Simon directly called him incompetent a few times as well lol. Kidding or not this is just rude, obnoxious. He deserves his co-workers also call him incompetent when he messes up like in this enforcement case. I wouldn't get along with a co-worker treating me wrong like that, not for 1 second. I would call him out to his face. It's not acceptable. I don't know how his 2 co-workers accepted that behavior, it's not correct. They must try to play along to keep their job but enough abuse is enough. No one deserves to be that disrespected anywhere, or at work. I think their idea was to show on stream a co-worker who didn't have experience playing the game to show a first timer so the Xbox players who will play for the first time identify themselves with another first timer like that P.A. guy. I don't know what is their hierarchy in their western department, if some of their superiors are also western, not Korean. But I agree with you, being humble is a great quality that lots of people lack, so far I didn't see it in Simon at all. What he did to his co-workers comes across as making fun of them, almost bullying and they still laugh, still sit there and accept being made fun of lol. This is kinda like Biff and George in Back to the Future movie, if you know the movie. Simon is Biff the bully and the 2 co-workers on stream were George. Simon goes like "McFly????? Anyone home? knock knock mcfly????? anyone home?????" and George (his 2-co-workers) laugh at this bullying and just sit there and take it lol.......
  5. Wild Marshmallow

    Received Enforcement From Live

    Bumping is not against forum rules, right? If they gave you a violation, it's them who are violating free speech, this reflects poorly on their company. I saw Simon's recent stream, someone commented that knowing P.A., it will be their first and last stream lol this says a lot about what they truly care about ($$$). They are obviously very worried about the release date and selling, that's all they are obsessed with and care about. On the stream, Simon was being rude and obnoxious to his co-workers, arrogant, know-it-all, sure it could be seen as just arrogant sense of humor but it seems it's also his true character. The kind of person or co-worker I despise, who thinks he is never wrong, lacks maturity.
  6. Wild Marshmallow

    Screen shake - revisited

    Also needed is an option to adjust screen size and boundaries. Haven't seen anything new about this and screen shake since we played the beta.
  7. Wild Marshmallow

    Enforcement strikes

    It's all about the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  8. Wild Marshmallow

    Pre-Order Black Desert Now; Launches March 4th

    [CM]Shirna from your words, I deduct we can buy at the current prices at any moment in the next 2 months (Jan and Feb), until the release date, right? Another question, will the release version have an option to resize screen boundaries? Me and others had this issue during beta, the edges of the screen were cut off, we couldn't see the entire screen.
  9. Wild Marshmallow

    Screen boundaries

    Will the release version have an option to resize screen boundaries? Me and others had this issue during beta, the edges of the screen were cut off, we couldn't see the entire screen.
  10. Wild Marshmallow

    Enforcement strikes

    Collecting gamertags? For what? uuuUUUuuhh, the plot thickens lol conspiracy theorists arise! Anyway, Simon says... It's too late to apologize, it's too laaaaaaaaaaaateeeee...
  11. Wild Marshmallow

    Enforcement strikes

    Oh boy so now that you copied & pasted Xbox codes of conduct from another site without even giving any valid arguments from your own head, you found another legislation to copy & paste. You can copy & paste all you want but people are able to read those on their own, you are not their daddy. What? Playing Simon says again? Simon's comments in that context? I read Simon's comment, he never talked about ESRB ratings lol. Again, what are you even talking about? You keep copying and pasting codes of conduct from different companies and entitites, so far you didn't give any valid arguments from you, you keep implying gamers need to read all you paste and that they might have done something wrong. Gamers did nothing wrong, realize this. Read what @Oldgreyfart said and like him, many others, me included, shared screenshots without any cussing in chat as you imply, so what Simon said about the vague term without real examples "objectionable" content in chat window makes no sense in these cases. I posted a simple screenshot of my character riding his horse into a beautiful sunset. THAT'S IT. No cussing in chat. What's wrong with that? Nothing. P.A. told us to share screenshots of the game. Stop with the excuses. If you are a Xbox ambassador, you can be ambassador all you want but please don't white knight your favorite company only because you like them, and because reasons, let's stick to the truth and facts shall we? Give valid arguments instead. Honestly, when I read your comments I think to myself: "what?? what is he talking about???? smh". You didn't add anything relevant to the discussion. Address the elephant in the room. The companies messed up, the gamers did nothing wrong. You are not a gamer yourself? Doesn't sound like it. Now you can try to get to the root of the problem or you can sit there copying and pasting all codes of conduct you see on other sites that have nothing to do with the issue at hand.
  12. Wild Marshmallow

    Enforcement strikes

    P.A. collected our gamertags? I was not aware of that. Anyway, for the sake of humor, without knowing what really happened, let's suppose MS told PA "you messed up" and PA told MS "no, you messed up". Or, more likely, as M$ is the richest of these 2 companies, MS told PA "you messed up", and PA replied "$$$ yes boss.... whatever you say $$$ my master and supreme senpai, yandere, etc."
  13. Wild Marshmallow

    Enforcement strikes

    @numnutz2005 where can we read MS's explanation about this issue? I still didn't read their version you mention.
  14. Wild Marshmallow

    Enforcement strikes

    I'm pretty sure people can read what you pasted from other sites too and can inform themselves if they want. You are ignoring the fact gamers didn't break codes of conduct, they did nothing wrong. Have you tried to communicate with the Xbox enforcement team by phone? They are not available by phone. Have you tried by any form of text online, chat, e-mail or anything of that sort? They are not available as well. So yes it is literally IMPOSSIBLE to communicate with them directly as any Xbox support operator will tell you and told me many times. I can share screenshot proof of this if you still insist on disagreeing with a fact. If you file a dispute with them, even when they were unfair to players, you will always get copy & paste replies from bots, not from human beings and you are wasting time. Saying it's useless and frustrating is an understatement.
  15. Wild Marshmallow

    Enforcement strikes

    What are you even talking about? There are plenty of examples, real cases on this thread of people who shared screenshots without anything being said in the chat, they did nothing wrong. Everyone knows it's impossible to communicate with Xbox enforcement. You're trying to imply gamers did something wrong when they didn't? Yeah the blame is on the companies or more on one of them, not on gamers.