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  1. Axiom

    Pearl Shop

    Hey there, I was wondering why we don't have more options on buying Pearl Boxes like a box with 500 or 1.500 Pearls. It always feels like buying glasses or ear cuffs for 10€ even if their actual price is 2€ or 5€. Cause there is simply no other option. Overall there seem to be some big prices like 200LT for 17€. I can give the outfits a little excuse for beeing worth 29€ cause there's some work in them (even if it's only porting from PC). 15 days combat XP buff costs 12,50€. I've paid some Items from the store but those prices won't hold me for a long time. Maybe the bad enchancement system and the tons of dual and tripple rng plays their role into my opinion on this.
  2. Axiom

    Do the quest to lvl 50 alert.

    But we need to do the quest! Do. The. Quest. Level 50.
  3. I plan to stay lvl 49 on my alt. So I do not plan to finish the quest for lvl 50. But the game spams the alert to do this quest every time when I get XP. And its not like one time every 5 minutes. Its more like 30 times in one minute.
  4. Axiom

    No mail for password reset?

    Friends and I do not recieve any mails for a new password on this site. And we checked spams.
  5. Axiom

    Loosing skill points

    Seems to be the skill descriptions that cause the loss. Because when I (example) lvl up shadow eruption by one lvl then take a look at crow flare and after that lvl up another lvl shadow eruption it works. But constantly lvl up one skill causes lvl up skips.
  6. Axiom

    Loosing skill points

    Hey there, Just noticed that when I lvl up skills sometimes it wont lvl up but the skill points are spent.
  7. Axiom

    More HUD Options

    Now we have UI Display size in the ring menu. If we could arrange the smaller size to be on the screen borders again that would be great!
  8. Axiom

    More HUD Options

    Hey there, the game looks great and very smooth. However playing on TV I'd like to have more options to customize my Interface. As example the mission details section is gigantic and not really needed to be seen the whole time. Same to the big mini map and health bar. An Option to turn them off or make them smaller would be great. Same goes for the whole Player name, guild and title section. Greetings from Germany.