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  1. So this is a bug then? Guess I should move this over to a bug report if so. This mechanic hasn’t worked for me since launch on Xbox... 😕 Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great game and less buggy than many. Just really want to get this working. 🤓
  2. Hello all- I need some help with this mechanic of getting information for beer etc in the taverns. If there is one topic there is no problem. However, I am running into quite a few that have a short list of topics and I can’t figure out how to select them. I pressed pretty much everything and nothing happened. Then when I backed out, it took my beer and energy anyways and gave me nothing. Grrrr.... What am I doing wrong? Is this a bug? This is an example of the menus I am unable to navigate. Thank you hugely much for any help!! 🤓😄💜
  3. Hey Doktar! Thanks so much for your response. I did finally manage to get it to work after an update and then dropping it and picking it up to restart. I noticed several bugged quests in Calpheon seem to be working now as well. Nice to see the devs listening and fixing things... unless it was all dumb luck, lol.
  4. S.O.S. PLEASE add a block feature and a way to report TOS violations would be a good step as well. Zenimax handles this well in Elder Scrolls Online, for example, and while it is not perfect by any means, chat there is certainly better than this, and if it gets bad we have tools to deal with it and at least improve our experience of the game. I can't believe this has not been done here. I am extremely thankful that I can at least toggle the garbage chat off, but there is really no way outside of guilds to engage in actual civil discussion about the game. These kids are horrible. I wish it could be said that the example above of the toxic chat was an extreme or rare thing but it is pretty much par for the course. Civilized society is doomed when these kids come of age. We ought to at least be able to escape the deluge in our video games. As said above, give us a way to block users in chat and connect to their Xbox Live accounts so we can block/report there as well. I don't know about Korea, but the West is in the midst of a bit of a cultural crisis and we could use some help here. Thank you!
  5. Hey- I'm trying to do the quest "More Practical, More Valuable." I did some other things in between this quest and the previous ones that taught you how to plant and now I cannot seem to interact with the shabby fence at all. It is still installed where I left it as I have no idea how to pick it up. The quest says after installing it, I should press Y on the fence to enter installation mode. However, there is no option to do this. I can interact with every shrub and thicket around it but not the fence itself. I forgot what I did to make it work the first time, and I can't find any guides online that cover this most basic step. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  6. I have encountered the same bug as OP. I am playing on Xbox, Calpheon 2, NA server. I have tried all the same steps and nothing works. I successfully activated node, got workers to make the honey, and successfully gave it to Marv, but the quest will not acknowledge that the node was activated. It does acknowledge that Marv got the honey, but I cannot progress the quest. Incidentally, Ficy also has no dialogue for me at this point as well. Really want to get through this stuff, please help or fix! Thank you very much.
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