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  1. Shs129

    Help Maehwa ! Pls

    My fourth toon to 62 and i done more then a few rbf and 1v1 on my other toons. 1v1 is above average 1v x is garbage unless the other people are bad. Maehwa can’t finish combos and red moon is too slow . It needs 2x speed rbf is a joke . Constant small lag spikes plus no meaningful dps SA kills this class in rbf. grinds hysteria as well as a witch which is decent 10/10 on eye candy help!
  2. Please add some more graphics adjustments that we can control. There are some serious graphical glitches that are happening with ghillies. You literally can’t see any distinguishing animations on some classes ie sorcs in hystria. They move around like a black ball and can’t see half the animations. Also can barely see the start and ending of voltaic on witches. Could care less for pve but it’s pretty game breaking for pvp. Would like graphic sliders please. Potato mode with high graphics on player animations please.
  3. And I think the crons needed per Tri attempt was a mind boggling 2100 crons about lol. 7% at about 140fs
  4. I think it’s c10 boss armor but they can easily just remove the c10 part. From what I seen the New boss stuff goes down 30 durability per fail....more artisans necessary
  5. I was referring to black star main hand and god armor . I don’t think you can c20 these gear thus easily bypassing caphras if they wanted to.
  6. Current trend in pc version is that new gear is not using caphras stones. IMO because it does not generate enough income for pearl abyss. Guessing the stones might get the ax soon , they are probably just figuring out how to remove it from the game or make them nonessential .
  7. Dumped about 5k energy since patch. Haven’t seen either....
  8. Anybody rolled Leebur gloves or offintet weapons in nv?
  9. Seeing way more stuttering/freezing in rbg too since the last update. Might consider just reducing max players to 50 and reducing pixel effects by 25% to start. Pve monster reduction has done nothing to improve performance . They need to work on z axis optimization. There’s some floors of ackman that are horrendous lag if someone is on the next floor.
  10. Please Revert this garbage monster reduction patch. Tested hysteria on different rotations for 10 hours. On average it’s 15% reduction in trash loot per hour. And I tried every different way to pull mobs together. if anything , reduce pixels by 35% once combat starts with mobs. I really don’t need all the sparkly effects.
  11. Think the original value is closer to 5,000 pearls. They need to take 40% of that number....
  12. Ok am I not doing the math right on this pack. 50 arts 100 crons 20 valks do not come even close to the original price of 9,400 pearls. With the sale it’s 5.6k pearls. I understand there are bonuses but that’s not figured in the pearl value....
  13. Nobody cares about Maehwa and kuno.... probably the two least played classes lol. They should release guardian to rake in the $$$. I need a new toon to level.
  14. Have they mentioned when this is coming to console since this is part of every class? It wouldnt make much sense if they put it into the game a year later.
  15. When? I think these exchange coupons are overdue. Or atleast the termian fishing event. I think the event gives out a free weapon exchange coupon if I remember or was it a duo crescent ring ?
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