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  1. 61 on my main. I only afk the game, usually during sleep hours. I really can't be bothered to grind away while waiting for new content I actually want. Nice that afk income is an option in this game though, keeps me playing to some extent.
  2. Pitched this idea along time ago. Here goes again. The central market needs a collect all button for sold goods. It's a real pain to scroll through and collect each thing. Simple button could fix that.
  3. Master 1 fishing Balenos Rod +10 Luck 5 approx 24 hours fishing time Options set to catch no fish 15 laila's petal 2 marshmallows 1 cookie
  4. pc has small scale player to player trade. Potions, green elixirs and food can be exchanged between players, and becomes bound on trade, so it can not be sold.
  5. Manos golden coral belt, 100 LT per enhancement level. https://bddatabase.net/us/item/12329/
  6. Click on the knowledge tab in game, then select "Ecology" You'll see a number at the top. That score is based on the varies grades of knowledge from the varies mobs. Higher grade, more points. Hit Y to show the full details on how much score you need for a higher item drop rate. This drop rate is universal, and not limited to the mobs with the higher knowledge.
  7. That was part of the game on pc, prior to the upgrading knowledge system being added. Previously the only way to get higher grade knowledge for monsters you already had knowledge for, was to delete the knowledge and attack the monster again until you got a new grade. Or get all the knowledge for a topic, make a bookshelf, and read it to reroll the knowledge. However about 2 years ago on pc they introduced the upgraded knowledge system, which allows you to gain higher grade knowledge, simply by continuing to attack the mobs until you get better knowledge. Birds and glasses can help, as well as weenie and looney elixirs, available with the kama expansion.
  8. Sadly no. On pc you'd be able to hover your mouse over any icon for a description. No such option yet for console.
  9. Reading through this section, it's clear that some folks don't understand the development chain for this game. Every bit of content added comes from the KR version. Pitching all these grand suggestions for major over haul changes to the game content/mechanics, will yield no results. I think the suggestion forum here is intended for ideas based around xbox game play of a pc ported game. Suggestions that are actually practical and possible on their end, which means not creating or dramatically changing existing content. So stop asking for pvp to be removed, or player trading to be added, unless it's the pc's pre-existing p2p trading system which we don't have yet.
  10. As of May 2019. Looks like 64.8 is top level on NA pc servers according to the pc forums. https://community.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?threads/anyone-know-what-the-highest-level-person-is.444586/ Make that 65
  11. I was thinking about having a fishing boat race from Velia to Port Ratt
  12. When you blow up a tet accessory and get 1 fs in return...GG
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