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  1. If you buy pearls, then have them refunded you get banned. Pay back the amount refunded to have your account restored.
  2. Sure does look alot like the savage rift from pc
  3. Unless they changed something from the pc version. Exhausted, average and abundant relate to the amount of time it takes to hook a catch, not what you pull from the water.
  4. You could always put in a ticket and ask. Then again, I did that regarding T8 horses a long while back, and was falsely informed that they were in game.
  5. Far as I know, the only one to get full pen in a month was MrPay/MrsP2W. And they paid for it, literally.
  6. In other words you want the Shias to show more skin. That is just f****** creepy. Period.
  7. Selected a worker to cancel and restart his work load, instead ended up canceling the entire production of my forest path wagon I had been working on for about 2 weeks. Filed a ticket and got this delightful reply. "Thank you for contacting us. We understand you would like to recover the materials that you lost in the game. We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused. As much as we want to assist you with this, please do understand that we do not recover materials that were lost due to canceled crafting. We're kindly asking for your understanding regarding this matter." Moral of the story, don't press Y.
  8. The worker system is kinda bad that way. There's also no way to tell which nodes you've got production investments into without click on each node itself and manually checking the. So if you promote a worker, which will cancel out their previous assignment. You must then go to the map and randomly click nodes until you find the work node to reapply the worker to it's task. Sadly it's this way for both pc and console. Really needs some kind of resource listing and a over all general notice of who's doing what and where.
  9. Correction. The most notable person to have done so is MrPay. Many people buy costumes and melt them for crons to enhance their gear. Many more buy costumes and sell them for silver. Both are forms of p2w.
  10. Kzarka and Karanda drop everytime. Nouver and Kutum don't because they spawn at the same time and are much more of a pain. And it's MrPay and MrsP2W. Of course they are the definition of p2w that's the point of irony in the name lol.
  11. You speak as though you are the voice of consoles. The game is doing just fine, as is the company. MsP2W pumped enough cash into the xbox version to buy a $10 copy for every single player in the game.
  12. The game as a whole comes from pc porting. You want change. You complain on the pc end of things. You don't complain at the bottom and expect it to tickle up to pc back in KR where everything we get comes from. You think you're the first person to suggest pve servers? Please...They've been crying about that for years and it hasn't happened. But I suppose somehow crying on a forum for the xbox version of the game is supposed to somehow change devs minds, as if they even read the forums.
  13. Now I'm even more puzzled. Under resolved issues it simply states "Currently, there is only one way of getting Old Moon Camping Anvil, which is crafting in the Residence in Tarif - Residence 2-2 1st floor, Old Moon Workshop" Wouldn't that be a known issue rather than a resolved one? And again...no golden pearls. https://www.console.playblackdesert.com/News/Detail?boardNo=2175&category=0
  14. these are the people that continue to spawn Nouver and Kutum at the same time as Kzarka and Karanda, resulting in them never being killed. Not surprised by this in the least.
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