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  1. I'm just make a new account an start over... or just stop playing an wait until everything go on sell
  2. Trolling these, but I'm selling account hopefully I get my money back or more
  3. Same here, it only happens when I open up the pearl shop after that message pop up maybe 2-3 minutes I get kick back to the home screen
  4. I play warface,apex, and cod4 the list goes on but bdo is my number 1 game. Reason why cause I payed 100 and me a friend of mines trying to see who get to 60 first which this grind I never seen, it tuck me 2 hour to get 3% so I feel it... just how they put a cap on the level
  5. Okay I understand that they need to make there money but im loven the musa right now and want to get his outfit and a lil more, it seem like another 30 bucks to make him look different or 60 for a all in one pack which the pack ain't good... I keep telling myself this aint no p2p but every other day it starting to feel like it. The game gonna be like another neverwinter/tera play when I dont feel like playing anything else.
  6. I know you heard + your gear right... plus ber. need more Dp then AP from what I seen on youtube
  7. An 313 dp is low I done came across a couple of people who kick my butt an told me to get my ap/dp up
  8. I did like 300+ I was using them l.o.l I didn't know it was for a event😭😭😭
  9. 124 energy and 237 cp but I got so bored I unlock the whole map just to see how it look, wiz 129 ap/298 dp ber 153 ap/313 dp lifeskill is coming a long
  10. Been a day one player since the game came out, by that been said I put a lil over 400+ in this game to get all what I need and want lvl 57 wiz and a lvl 58 Ber. which seem like I'm missing something p.v.p maybe 4/5 I win but you have these a-hole who don't understand if you keep losing why keep coming back, I start fishing,crafting, etc just to get things up and running and it seem like friend/guild no longer online playing bdo... I'm starting to find myself in a spot where a lot of people at!!! Just stuck with nothing much to do just grind solo... Any idea on what else to do because it seem that the awakening skill is not coming no time soon and just going around pking other is fun until it just start to feel the same...
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