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  1. Hedonist_Jester

    Any t8 horses out there yet(with a screenshot)

    That official word has been given twice now, and both times Im sure incorrectly. I wonder what repercussions come when they realize that indeed T8s are not yet possible to obtain... and weve wasted yet another rwo months of play time and resources on misinformation
  2. Hedonist_Jester

    Any t8 horses out there yet(with a screenshot)

    Ive gotten a handful of wild 5s
  3. Hedonist_Jester

    Any t8 horses out there yet(with a screenshot)

    Ive bred 12 T7s so far out of forty-some-odd attempts. At 8% chance (first possible at rate 10) you would think an 8% would pop after forty some odd attempts. Two other guild members have like numbers, and as well have had no T8s. Yeah yeah, RNG and all, but we've determined among ourselves that until proven otherwise, T8s are not in the game. Its sad really, because all of that wasted time and effort was because the CMs stated that the T8s were indeed in game. Id love to say Im owed well over a couple billion worth of wasted time, breedings, and trips to the glue factory because of false information. Interesting how the horse market cant even be filtered for T8...
  4. Hedonist_Jester


    All I know is that known RoS members are currently looking for new homes. If you're one of them, you're 18+, and you're a bit laid back - send an officer of FilthyCasuals a whisper. We may be able to squeeze some more room on the roster.
  5. Hedonist_Jester

    Shai Invasion

    This is a call to all adventurers who call Balenos home! We are being invaded by these Florinian ne'er-do-wells at an alarming pace! Our crops are being ravaged, our stables overrun with jackasses, and our coin purses cut with deftness never witnessed since the Wandering Rogue occupancy of the East Gate guardtower back in '03! Our jobs are being given to vertically challenged rugrats, and our marketplace warehouses filled to the brim with lanterns and bent sticks! And now, they rub our faces in it! They skip along our beaches in a parade to flaunt their success in driving us from our homes and decreasing our property values - giggling all the while! Well I say no more! During the upcoming "petite parade" I will be taking up arms alongside all other patriots who feel the same! We will make Velia great again! We will not stop at building a barricade around Florin, no! We will show them that they are a nuisance and a stain upon Balenos! The streets will flow with the marshmallowy blood of the elf-rats! 10,000 silver bounty for every oversized ear of the shai delivered to me after the sands of the parade are soaked red! Enough is enough! Berserker Faultline, eater of elf-rat ears, stomper of shai.
  6. Hedonist_Jester

    Share your Shai Submission thread!

    NA MadMaxFeralKid NA OniMusawa
  7. Hedonist_Jester

    Recent PvE buff on PC. ETA for Xbox

    Console is not PC. This has already been stated by the community team as well as demonstrated by the initial rounds of skill changes received in April. Controls are different, movement is different and overall gameplay balance is it's own entity on console. Therefore I wouldnt hold my breath for buffs to any given class simply because "PC got it". In fact, I think there's even less chance of this happening considering the balance issues demonstrated by the community team during the last Twitch stream.
  8. Hedonist_Jester

    New pricebuilding on cm

    Price change occurring before a transaction is almost mandatory (such as Nouver weapons) in order to get around the whole Kutum debacle. But stable prices changing without transactions ahouldnt happen, such as you see currently with Tri and Tet kzarka weaponry. It almost makes it detrimental to use the marketplace for anything expensive until its fixed
  9. Hedonist_Jester

    They need to remove randomness (RNG)

    If you want to attribute it to real life (even though it's magic), fine. You take your blade to the blacksmith and pay him and provide the materials for the blade to be smelted down and reforged. However the oil became contaminated, the bellows got a hole in them, so the fire never got hot enough during the reforge. The hammer head was banged to crap on cooling metal and now leaves divets all over the new blade which has weak areas throughout. You want to try again, thats fine. But you already went through the money you spent on the smiths time, and so it will require more, not to mention more materials to fix up the forge first. Deal with it.
  10. Hedonist_Jester

    Stop dumping lifeskillers

    All I hear is that theres a profit to be made if you dedicate yourself to making it. I fail to see the problem. If you dont have the time to partake in an aspect of the game, then its up to you to decide ultimately if that game is worth it to you or not. If they make imp trading accept infinite amounts, or dont limit the time frames you can use it then it becomes an economic burden on the devs and engine. Price inflation occurs, nobody can buy things on the market for what theyre worth, and the whole system goes to junk. Similar to having the night vendor not cost energy. Have fun getting anyone to agree with that.
  11. Hedonist_Jester

    Remove PVP! No one wants it.

    Actually I find the concept of an RPG game without PvP to be entirely unrealistic. It breaks immersion. A world where weapon wielding adventurers go out to commit ultimate acts of violence against overwhelming hordes... but nobody fights each other? Completely laughable. It doesnt even make sense to have it by strict duel parameters. At the same time, initiating PvP combat should be immediately punished - not just in the event where you win. Its also unrealistic to have an adventurer so egotistical they dont think twice before threatening someone with a weapon - you dont get to be a very old adventurer that way. So id like a pve server for those who want to play in their own little less-realistic fantasy world... but Id also like the ones we have now be more realistic and not cater to the toxic teenaged pvpers that should go back to an FPS instead of an RPG. Make it so if youre not on Arsha, you take the karma hit just for initiating combat. Then when I kill you for being so gung ho and idiotic you feel twice as stupid
  12. Hedonist_Jester

    Stop dumping lifeskillers

    And as far as silver entering the game, your assumption is incorrect. The vast majority of engine generated currency comes from trash count being sold to vendors, from 1k per all the way up to a rediculous 8k per. If you meant strictly for lifeskillers, they're not aupposed to have the same consistency of engine based income. No risk, no reward.
  13. Hedonist_Jester

    Shai is defensive?

    Omg. Is everyone too young to know Beyond Thunderdome? Mad Max? Omg did domeone just ask "Whos Tina Turner"???
  14. Hedonist_Jester

    Shai is defensive?

  15. Hedonist_Jester

    Shai is defensive?

    Shai vs Striker/Zerk 2v1