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  1. The time lag in loading npcs I would bet is part of the lag fix for non-one x consoles. If they dont need to render immediately upon clip, is lets server resources apply to more clients in the area (and thus less lag per). Its a cheap and temporary duct tape maneuver, and no self respecting coder would implement it without some serious flaws in project management decision making. This also means it probably won't be changing until someone in the higher echelons of the company signs off on more and stronger servers.
  2. I stopped playing my berserker because Im sick of sinking playtime into an alt. I'll come back when mystic drops.
  3. Yeh. It's no prob bruv. I get uppity quite often myself. I'm just going to take a break from PA until they stop shoving unasked for content down our pipes instead of releasing content that was supposed to come with the game. As to the T8 debacle - Trent said they were looking into what could be done in regards to compensation... I hope its not a drop in the bucket because I spent quite a few thousand pearls on breeding restores and weeks of time training those T7s. And its not like I kept or sold the T7s either - they went to the glue factory one at a time for more attempts at that non-existent T8
  4. Chill m8. The hirses thing wasnt seen as a bug by the devs. According to the streams, they turned them off on purpose, so its putside the scope - a statement i said at the end of my post. The desyncing issues are also not a bug. I experience it, you experience it, everyone experiences it. But its not something you can write a piece of code, patch it in, and fix. It requires a shift in the way the engine works as a whole and can ve made eadier in the meantime with server upgrades. The countless bugs that have been there since the game has released are EXACTLY what I was referring to. Theres a cycling list of them, and the fixes that are applied are listed at the end of every patch notes. I'm not being a fanboi, there are a ton of problems with PA. But I wish you would take the time to read my post before quoting me and then ignoring everything I said in the post. Yiazzy used to do that crap and I sorta thought you were above it.
  5. You obv missed the point. Whether you would or should is moot. You cant - because nobody has 900m at the moment. And if they somehow did, they wouldnt be blowing it on a witches earring when theyll have boss gear to worry about shortly. Im happy you're happy. Good job finding such a great piece so early. But your subject line is misleading, you're in the wrong forums, and claiming a value on an item that as of yet has no ability to be liquidated is kinda meh.
  6. Really? You sold that earring for 900 mil, or are you just going based on what the little CM tab says its worth? I killed six giants in 0.8 seconds, dropping 4 heavy spears at 7700 silvers each. Thats 138m per hour, completely wrong, yet still somehow more accurate than what you posted.
  7. Dude... they fix things within 1-2 weeks of it being brought forward unless its something that obviously takes longer. The scrolling issue was addressed, and artifacts of that issue do pop up from time to time, but thats because they need informed of them. Let me ask you, how many of these mobility stuck spots have you reported? You're a striker - and without going into too much stereotype, theres a mentality that comes with ookook thats you're definitely not helping. Try to be proactive about the issues you encounter and see how long it takes for them to be addressed. As far as desync is concerned, thats not technically a bug. Its an aspect of worldwide client-server communication that wont be lessened on the parts of the game devs, only on the parts of the network administrators, ISPs, and technological advancements as a whole. The only way a global communication system like an mmo video game can be without some form of desync is through turn-based systems, smaller draw on bandwidth, or offloading checks and balances to the client side... all of which turn a game like BDO into Hello Kitty Island Adventure. Im not trying to talk down to you.. the purpose of this reply was to inform you that your animosity toward PA in regards to fixing bugs is highly misplaced. Their REAL problem is in delivering on promises, but thats beyond the scope of the OPs question.
  8. This isnt exactly truth. I mean, to some degree the release of tet was a contributing factor to the gear gap, of course. But that gap was easily closed when Valencia came out and everyone was able to get their hands on advice of valks. Very few bothered to do it though, and instead decided to stay sub-500 GS. The biggest gaps come from those at the top being able to farm far more silver per hour than those beneath. Having 40m per hour in Aakman is a lot more sustainability than 15m per hour in crescents or fogans. So when classes are trickled out, and the frustrated masses jump to another class in an attempt to remain relevant, the CM taxes hit their pockets even harder and keep them in a swamp of pre-500 GS. Those who have billions can mitigate this far easier, and for the most part arent interested in alternate routes like "Shai"... so they dont even bother wasting 2 billion on tet vitcaris and florangs. They just keep building up the accounts and wait through the recessions. Now, if classes would come out in batches like the first four, there wouldnt be a controllable commodity for it in the CM. Less fluxuation, no recession, and you could stay with whatever class you wanted to main without feeling irrelevant and being forced to use lower level gear. Youd be hunting higher, making more money, and roflstomping strikers in node wars the way the gods intended. I'll even hold open the Aakman doors for ya.
  9. Patrigio's code is 50%-300% of base item CM price. It's been that way since he came out, and there are more reasons to hus existence than merely providing the energy spender with an alternate means of aquiring boss gear. The OP is in regards to his code being off of normal, either through lack of correct tabling or not being adjusted to actual market conditions. If is not a complaint about finding items at 300% base... that is expected.
  10. Wont cost anything if you have to take them to arbitration. The TOS shows it will be at their expense.
  11. Thanks, justfaded. Thats whst I needed to hear to not throw mg keyboard through the TV at this last pass. 30 more rolls, three more overpriced pieces.
  12. What good will 50% off energy costs be for Patrigio when his prices arent the 50-300% that theyre supposed to be? You cant tell me you all haven't noticed him being completely out of whack. When he first came out, it would take about 1 in seven to see something that WASNT a black stone bundle. It would take approximately 1 in 21 to get a deal that would at least be priced below what the current market cost was. Since the last Patrigio event (ninja release) ended, i've spent 350 energy every 4 hours, and another 3500 energy every 20 hours (pearl beddin it) on browsing the black market. Thats well over 800 views at his wares. I've seen ONE ITEM in that time that was priced comparably to CM... and 40 to 50 gold items that were so rediculously priced nobody would touch them with MrPays wallet. I believe this is because of the event ending, and Patrigio being "reverted" to a price list/base that is completely borked. Yes, RNG is involved... but just like when horse breeders in the know deduced long before PA admitted to there being no T8s in the game... I fairly sure of my findings and would like this fixed. Id also like a statement about it being fixed so I can go back to spending my energy.
  13. So much with the this^ I played my zerk while waiting. I bought my pearl shop items. I got to 60. I fought in my node wars. I did everything PA has asked me to do - all feeling like I've been spinning my wheels and wasting my time. I have a complete set of TET boss gear waiting for the class I wanted to play, and my berserker is a 524 GS lifeskiller. I'm done. I don't want to waste more time on exploring kamasylve. I dont want to dye another god d@#^$d outfit. I dont want to check out succession and learn new ways to NOT play a zerker. I want my main so Im not spinning my wheels.
  14. Actually, BDO is not mac. Its windows pc, which compiles down to ih, whether its C#, or what have you. Laymans terms, they CAN pretty much cut and paste code. It will just need tweaked afterwards for xbox multiplayer, UI, existing content, etc. This made even easier for classes that share skill templates. The doods not wrong.
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