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  1. There's been a regime change in RG folks. But we are still actively looking for members. If you would like to, you are also welcome to message us on Discord, where we do our conversing, and we can get you in there! BillieDino#1624 rok klimer#6633 mattbail#0211
  2. The Xbox logging out when servers are brought down is literally why the dude created this thread.
  3. Apparently the prize is your frustration. Dude isn’t doing anything hostile, just being happy. There is much worse in this forum.
  4. We have opened up a few more slots in the guild, I believe we have room for 5 more now.
  5. Hey, I’ll message you in a moment
  6. Message me on Xbox and I can get something rolling. MATTandCheese11
  7. Hey all, I'm an officer in the guild with slightly more accessible hours... If you are still interested, feel free to message me. GT: MATTandCheese11
  8. Feel free to add ZGnRz or myself (MATTandCheese11) and hit us up when your 24 hours is up!
  9. All those who have responded. I am one of the officers in the guild so I will try to get in contact while GnR is unavailable. Gt is MATTandCheese11 so feel free to message me or be looking for one from me! i believe I reached out to those who we haven’t yet. If I missed you feel free to message.
  10. I put in another report to Microsoft, just for the sake of them being aware of it and hopefully upping their communication with PA. Now if only PA support could respond to tickets appropriately.
  11. Honestly, just go to 50 and keep leveling. The amount of PvP I have encountered now is super minimal. I think you're making mountains out of mole hills.
  12. Never mind what I said
  13. That is unfortunate to hear...
  14. I would like for mine to be resolved in the next 3 hours so I don't lose the attendance reward for today, but that may be wishful thinking
  15. Yup, seems pretty standard a this point to leave it open, especially if they asked you to do something in response. I am now fearing that what I gave them will not be what they wanted, and I'll be waiting over a day just for them to tell me that.
  16. Agreed, it seems like a no-brainer move. Like I said, I can take full responsibility for my situation, I downgraded (while unintentionally "taking advantage" of the system). I paid the money again, I'll eat that cost. For everyone else that wanted to spend MORE money, that's who I am feeling for at this point.
  17. Yeah, tickets should absolutely remain open until completely resolved. For them to tell me "We need you to do this and send us this" and then close the ticket, without allowing me to do that seems insane. Keep that ticket open, let me take the 15 minutes it takes to buy and screenshot, and send it your way. I spent some time searching for the reply button. You don't put someone at the end of the line of support for something like that.
  18. I feel that, I sent them my purchase receipts and waiting on their move now.
  19. I know you are probably tired of dealing with it and ready to just be done at this point, but maybe sending them a screenshot of your messages with MS and the store saying you own standard could be enough?
  20. There are already some armors that cross class boundaries. But there should never be an open armor system. It helps at quickly seeing what class your opponent is, but it also keeps the class fantasy alive. A Warrior/Musa/Zerker really shouldn't be able to look like a Wizard.
  21. Hmmm, that seems to be different than what they were saying on Twitter. I wish the support tickets didn’t take so long to get responses. EDIT: I received the same instructions as Capt. Totally understand it in my case because I downgraded, but I feel bad for the folks that got bit because they upgraded their edition.
  22. Hmmm, that seems to be different than what they were saying on Twitter. I wish the support tickets didn’t take so long to get responses.
  23. If you don’t mind me asking, when was this? They’ve been mentioning on twitter a bit today that the new itch brought up an issue for some people.
  24. Oh really? I haven't seen any one on Reddit say that they have tried to repurchase, but if that's the case I'll hold on to my money.
  25. Honestly, if they told me “if you rebuy the $30 you will get to play again” I probably would in a heart beat. I just don’t want to spend the money for it not to work.
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