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  1. Oho

    Where is my hawk?

    @Hieraphant not absolutely, mine was linked a few days before the update and I received my pet just fine. Just submit a ticket and be patient, I'm sure they'll take care of it ASAP.
  2. Yeah I would assume they have a very limited staff with quite a few tickets backed up, hopefully we don't all get brushed off with automated responses.
  3. @[CM]Shirna @[CM] Serena @[GM]Kusha
  4. How long have you been trying to get that resolved for? Microsoft shows that I do own the game so I'm positive it's not something on their part but it's worth a try.
  5. @[CM]Shirna Any idea how long we'll have to wait for our tickets to be processed? I submitted one before this post was made.
  6. Sameee I barely got to play my Striker, and @Cap thanks for the reply but no like I said I have no problem playing on a different profile and I can't repurchase something that I never refunded. 😕
  7. Black Desert notice reads: "Authentication failed. If you received a refund through the store, try repurchasing the item. [BEC_001/190]" Cannot log into the game because I can't get past the start button, yet I can play just fine on a different Xbox profile. I have nothing to repurchase. Already tried reinstalling as well as deleting reserved space.
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