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  1. Although we don't have t8's in game the CM were under the impression that we did have them awhile back but we came to find out they are in game but only disabled due to optimization issues. I've never gotten a breed result low enough to confirm a multiple that low. From all my breeds it appears to be around 12. T5s can yield a t8 at multiple 13 or 14 and that's my main concern right now. I have a bunch of t5s I want to breed but don't want to if it's a little higher than I think it is.
  2. Does anyone have an idea what our multiple is? Preferably someone with actual proof based on results. Yes I know t8 is disabled I'm trying to determine what the max is that I can breed without the possibility of a t8 in prep for it's release. Thx
  3. Villa buffs are expensive for new players. It costs 10m to use the Villa for 7 days. Then each time you'd want a buff you pay per buff. Price depends on buff. For example the body enchance buff costs 1.5m for 90m or 4m I think for 180m. Without the pearl tent you'd have to go get the buff too... They just aren't worth it without the tent
  4. Not at 400gs. Get 500gs and you won't be 1 shot. Most of the real pvpers are low-mid 500 now. 548 is the softcap.
  5. I've been reading on Google that the new forest path wagon gives low horse exp. Is this true? @GM_Calpheon @GM_Hexe
  6. @CM TrentIn your steam you said y'all would be releasing a sort of loot box for 1k pearls that had different stuff in it but I dont see it in the pearl store. Did you decide to not do it?
  7. I've gotten all my boss armors besides bhegs which I already had for like 90 to 120m. Yes I've seen bad deals to but every now and then I catch a gem I make hundreds of millions on especially of I lvl it to tri(3x dim tree armors)
  8. I feel like the book and hot time stack from playing, bell does stack with everything. So far the only thing doesn't seem to stack is church buff with hot time
  9. There's a wicked cultist that only spawns at night by the farm near glish
  10. Wow you really took that pretty far. How do you even know they are children and not just a type of small adult like the florin ppl?
  11. The real question here is why TF are you trying to Tet any non dandelion weapon? What a waste.... The game is trying to help stop you from making a dumb decision.
  12. Y'all late a bunch of freaking lames. All you want is free stuff. I'm sure most of you complaining spent 10$ to get the game. Average game now it's 60$ bucks. Most games also charge for DLC and expansions BD doesn't. If your seriously too cheap to pay $3 for another character slot after spending anything less than 60$ for the game you need to find a new job (or get one for that matter). Now go delete one of your crappy alts that is probably level 10
  13. Yeah I notice such a difference. We have the class with the least super armor as is. Now they take something else and leave all the grabs as is, sigh
  14. I love the new boss times and I'm east. I work second so it opens up so much now. Can't keep everyone happy someone has to lose. I used to only be able to do weekend bosses
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