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  1. My camera effects are on zero that's why I said my blurrs turned to zero
  2. I guess its his default RB attack but on the 4th swing it blurs the screen i have motion blur turned to 0 and it still does it and after about a hour of gameplay it gives me a headache i love this game and class but i hate the blurr crap
  3. maybe since they cant talk to us that might mean something might be announced tomorrow creating hope so i can live on here
  4. You can tell this is just a job to them the second its time to go home everyone runs to the car. Someone can log in for 5 mins on a phone and delete all that scam stuff but it sits up there all weekend.
  5. So I guess you cant tell us about the release date yet or you dont know it. So what do you think i should do tonight go hang out with my friends at the movies or research every little detail on the classes and watch lots of youtube vids to prepare for the coming week or 2
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