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  1. I know what you're referring to. The recipe wouldn't open, either. It just failed to respond, but only for filtering. It didn't lock up, stutter, or produce any error message. It just failed to open the menu completely, but if I switched to any other processing action, it worked normally.
  2. I tried it in Velia, and it worked. Went back to Heidel to confirm the variable, and it worked... Several restarts did nothing. Leaving town? Bingo. I have no idea why that would be a factor, but it cropped up at the Heidel storage. I initially tried processing from storage with the Venecil outfit. When it didn't work, I thought it was the usual inventory bug and relogged, which didn't fix it. When I couldn't process from my own inventory either, I took all the other steps I mentioned. I hope that helps, somehow.
  3. Ever since the update, I've been unable to initiate the filtering action in the processing menu. It won't bring up my inventory. Strangely, every other processing action works fine. I've tried reconnecting, restarting the game, and even cold booting my xbox to no avail. Region: United States Console: Xbox One X Server: Calpheon ISP: Comcast, fiber to premises 150 Mbps. Typically runs between 60 and 80.
  4. I've had this issue for over a week. I eventually abandoned the quest entirely after abandoning and attempting to complete it a second time.
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