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  1. 1 hour ago, Uberkull said:

    There is a long history to this game. It’s been on PC for 4 years. So, you get the ‘bad’ and hope the ‘bad’ will change or get better . It doesn’t and never will. This isn’t a game full of PvE content, and what’s there can be played in Sims games.

    The AFK activities in this game are normally bannable in other MMOs and online games. But in this game the Dev baked AFK into the game. Just try Fishing. When you read the wall of text, it mentions the AFK part. Cast your line out and do nothing. After three minutes the system will catxh the fish and recast for you, letting you go AFK and to bed. The game will never log you out or disconnect you. Your character will keep catching fish until your inventory is full.

    You can AFK run loops to train your Breath(Stam). You can AFK and just stand there to let your workers continue to work, since they stop if you logoff. You can AFK train Horses, leveling them, etc. You can AFK build Strength(weight cap) by carrying trading goods. 

    All you do is set a loop route on your map and start your character on any of the above activities and walk away from your Xbox. Turn off your TV, keep your Xbox on...you AFK your way to glory.

    Why is AFK in the game? It’s a Korean MMO. In Korea they have PC Bang cafes. $$ Per hour internet cafes. The longer you are online in BDO, the more successful you are, the more powerful you beccome overall. This pressure to be the best fuels you to pay for certain Pearl Shop items and for more hours at the Cafe, one feeds the other. More $$ for all involved.

    Okay, I think I don't want to play this game anymore. That sounds like trash.

  2. Can someone explain what all this "AFKing" is? I swear you guys are some of the most whiny people in my life. I'm sitting here listening to this cowboy Bebop jazz and I'm digging this game right now.I feel like there's going to be this moment where I get what you guys are saying and I'm going to like hate it but like why do you guys hate this game but keep playing I don't get it?

  3. Bump, pic for reference. Seriously I want to play but the pathways have such bad bloom I can't even see the guide fairy for quests. Please anyone, how can I fix this. This is with the contrast down too! HDR BRIGHTNESS slider does nothing. I'm on Xbox playing with enchanced 4k graphics, but even before I turned on 4k it was like this. Anyone anyone please.... this is going to make me not play the game ultimately and I don't want that to be the case. I know no one cares if I play or not but please just anyone any advice? Why would developers think that this much Bloom was a good thing? I don't understand!


  4. 15 hours ago, Uberkull said:

    Yes and no. Ultra repetitive combos at lvl cap, especially noticeable when grinding. Mobs way too easy makes combat combos even more dull.

    There sentences?

    Get ready to pay to win if you want stay top 1% PvP

    Get ready to travel back and forth across the map..again and again, always.

    Get ready to wonder why the hell you are playing this game after you hit soft cap.

    Jesus man, super demoralizing.... Made me not want to play. I'm going to trust you're just upset about something else in general. everyone else thank you. Life skills, having a house, and sailing and stuff sounds a lot of fun. I'm also a huge pvper I think I'm going to like it. if I have to spend a little bit of money for creature comforts like extra inventory I don't mind. It's definitely the most beautiful MMORPG I've seen in my 20 year of online gaming. I do wish I could take care of this damn Bloom on Xbox though it really kills my eyes I have to wear night driving sunglasses just to play. 

  5. Seriously this bloom is KILLING ME!!!!!!!!!! CAN ANYONE tell me what to set her contrast and the brightness to fix this?! I've tried everyone combination of slider possiblities and I swear on my life this her brightness setting does nothing!

  6. I'm new to the game and I have to say I'm a bit overwhelmed. Not really sure exactly what's going on. I'm level 15 and I'm a little confused. if any of you could describe this game and its main objective in three sentences please give me your best shot. I know it's an MMORPG obviously I know it's very grind e which I love, but can anyone explain what the main objective of the gameplay is? I keep seeing nodes and I don't really understand what it is. Something about trading? Resources? Am I going to be forced to be part of a guild...? I'm 31 years old IRL and I really have a low threshold for young players. Am I going to be forced to be in a guild with them? What's this game all about besides slaying mobs? I'm looking forward to the PVP but I just want someone to explain simply what exactly I'm aiming for here...

  7. I have one day to decide if my berserker being maxed out height is going to tick me off or not when it comes to getting in and out buildings. I just got the game a couple days ago on Xbox. So I'm not familiar with architecture through the entirety of the world... yet.

    Made a berserker, got a one day pass to have unlimited beauty options... So I made him HUGE. Max height. On a scale of 1 to 10... How annoying is this height issue with buildings going to be? I LOVE how big I am, but will I regret this later?

  8. I love how when you give kids these days the chance to role-play by getting a family name you get stupid family names like "HeyItsMe" --- character names with numbers? What a shame, what a shame. No creativity anymore of these kids these days. it's amazing that they make all their names like it's a chat room even though they weren't born when chat rooms were a thing. 

    Any hope of a role-play server coming soon to Xbox?

  9. it's ridiculous that they have such a realistic-looking world so beautiful so well done and then the characters just run like crazy people all the time. The strafespeed from left to right is completely different from the run speed too. It completely break immersion it is so frustrating.

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  10. I also want to mention that your HDR Max brightness does absolutely nothing to anything on the screen. you can't slide it until the logo disappears. It cnes set to super low anyways and still. I can't set the her contrast to make emblem appear and the her brightness to make the logo disappear. It's broken.

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  11. Would be really nice to have a sense of time passing in the game. Why is there no night cycle anyways? It really makes no sense for it to be day all the time. It also makes no sense for 40 gray foxes to hang out together like it's Lollapalooza in the starting area but I would at least think you guys would have a day-night cycle?

  12. The Bloom on this game is insane is really giving me migraines is there any way to adjust the Bloom? From what I can ascertain there is not that would be a great feature for the Xbox. It's like when someone uses too much filter on their dating profile pictures... The game looks great what are you guys trying to hide?🤔🤨


    Please give us a bloom intensity slider. 

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  13. Most roleplaying games allow your character to walk rather than run everywhere like you're in such a hurry. It really adds to the immersion and makes me feel like I live in the world. My question is are you going to add a walk toggle or maybe just make it so when we've lightly press on the joystick we walk instead of run? Running everywhere looks really awful and cheap.

    Is this going to a thing for Xbox anytime soon?

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