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  1. Majority of times when I’m fighting the field bosses, I get no loot and I don’t get it. I hit the field boss numerous times although I don’t deal that much damage with 119 AP but still. I get a drop from the world boss only hitting him a couple times but I don’t get a drop from hitting the field boss numerous times
  2. Idk but the exp buff is still on my screen so idk if it’s extended on the weekends
  3. Also, here’s someone’s tweet stating it started at 12pm https://twitter.com/ShockClips/status/1113792991553105920?s=20
  4. Yesterday, the event started at 12 pm pst. I was on at noon pst and the alert popped up saying the hot time event started. I’ve been asking around and keep getting different answers.
  5. Who thought it was a good idea to have this hot time event start at 12 pm on the west coast? UTC gets prime time, EST gets a decent 3 pm start and Pst gets a bad 12 noon start while most people are at work? Ok
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