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  1. Yeah judging by that answer the CM gave the other day I dont think its gonna be happening ever. It really only requires them to turn off the Karma system and prevent transfer of characters off the server and its all done. But they dont want the money or players hehe so time to just ignore it I think. I personally dont understand why any company would want to limit a playerbase like this. Most others have learned this lesson, but I guess they are happy with the money from a couple dozen whales. On the bright side at least he/she answered my querry with further info that's all I wanted.
  2. Yet all that you mention can be handled by not allowing characters that use pve only servers to play in pvp servers. That's all they need to do to keep the population on the pvp servers that exist happy and content.
  3. lol sounds like something a 12 year old would say .. we are both senior citizens we dont do that stuff but thanks for the laugh. Obviously we are not interested in your interpretation of what a video game should be about LOLOLOL 😂🤣
  4. your assuming those asking for it are all still playing.. many have left because of the present system and are hoping for pve servers in future. Your also assuming that new players wont join .. your probably wrong on that. I had a friend install the game the other day on xbox he liked it but I told him about the karma system so he uninstalled it.
  5. RE: this no pve content I'm not sure how you get that? There is horses, farming, the market system all of which are not involving any pking. Fishing .. just killing mobs to get gear. I mean the basis of this game is grinding for gear and levels not PVP because the average player will not ever be able to take part in things like nodewars. Its the Non PVP elements that keep most people going over time.
  6. okay i might go and check if its on their youtube channel or something. I just find it odd and CM would appear in a thread if they had no intention of doing something like that. I would think that if there was a comment to be made and it was officially never going to happen the CM would say that wouldn't they? The lack of comments mean they dont want to say anything concrete and the popping into one of like a few threads on different sub forums for different platforms saying they would bring the suggestion forward means that the door is not closed. So I guess I'm a bit perplexed. Anyhow I will sift through a few .. I watched their early live streams when i was still playing I never heard them comment on that they just ignored the question. Logistically the request is not the removal of all PVP its the removal of the karma forced pvp system from the open world. Most people are fine with things like nodewars where obviously this is expected to have a PvP and its PVP with a purpose so it makes sense. The open world stuff is just a grief mechanic which many game developers found eons ago that people dont really like it.
  7. I haven't been keeping up I only started paying attention when there was a poll and then I saw this .. so if you have a link to this statement I would appreciate it.. then I can just put the game on ignore lol. Up to this point there is no official anything I have seen here and this is the first so.. any official info out of the mouth of a dev either written somewhere on this website or from some of their official presentations would be appreciated. thanks.
  8. Hi; Is this actually being done/considered? I am from Xbox. I loved this game until it became impossible to play and had to stop due to the endless pking that happened in areas I was trying to quest in etc. When it was busy I tried switching servers only to have it happen wherever I went. I even had issues with pker's not allowing people to leave cities etc. It made the game unplayable. I therefore stopped playing like months ago as a result. However I have been keeping an eye on forums in hope of some sign of life because I have no doubt that there were population drops as a result of this and I also have no doubt that there are others keeping an eye on this game in hopes that a pve only server be implemented so they can return. So please ask the devs to make this happen on all platforms. I see no reason why it would not add players to the game because there are many who left due to the present karma system mechanics. I simply am too old to even have a chance against a youth .. biology and slow reflexes means I would loose everytime and quite honestly I'm not interested in the stress of it all, but like to play with others.
  9. I actually went and searched up a bit more info and yes this is not going to be a pve MMORPG with maybe some things like node wars on the side. It does appear to be including the pvp gank pkfest that is in BDO which.. to be honest why dont they just add this to BDO and call it an expansion. So unless I see proof otherwise .. I aint gonna be paying much attention to this either.
  10. that would be nice, but... this game was advertised as having pve in it when i purchased it on xbox (there were even pve servers listed soo i felt secure in my preorder. Like others I found out that some guy could come and wack me without me taking part even though there was like this flag system in place so...).. so.. fool me once shame on you.. fool me twice shame on me. I will wait and ask questions. Like is it truly pve? I do enjoy the core pve element of this game ( I love grindy games i'm wierd and retired so..), but after trying to just have fun and getting tired of some guy who was overpowered and just killing me for the lols like for the time i was trying to play. I gave up since I couldn't actually well ... play. I had sunk a fair bit of money into this game too. I really liked it. Not found anything to replace it as i did like the node wars concept but the rest of the random pk'ing that was happening was getting ridiculous.
  11. just saw this not sure when it was originally posted as I haven't checked here for well a couple months if not more? (again dont remember) . I have stopped playing long ago and logged in to vote on this. Yes I would like a pve server because I enjoyed all the pve elements this game had to offer but got tired of being farmed by pkers for no other reason then they wanted to. (since I often was like there first they were the ones "interfering with my rotation") but I have come to realize that although it would do nothing but provide this company with more of my mad money that well I guess they dont want it. anyhooo i will drop by in a few months to check I guess but not holding my breath. /shrug
  12. I'm going to tell you what your flames sound like. It sounds like a person who is upset that another person has left a game and given a reason and it speaks volumes. I actually figured the post would be ignored. Anyhow so I'm done and this is my last comment on the issue since I have not played for about 2 weeks at this point. I have given my feedback and made my suggestions and have nothing more to say, but continue on your rampage if you like. As I have said I have enjoyed the game, but have had enough of the frustrations and its simply starting to make me miserable so.. I'm going away unless something changes. Which I doubt it will (as I orginally said) but just in case that's my two cents. and yes as you get older you will see .. your tastes change and how you approach life changes. I thought it would be nice for this company to see that senior citizens enjoy the game which is why I stated my age. With age comes biology poorer eyesight, slower reflexes, inability to stay up late because your awake at like 5 a.m. etc. and your life experiences change and shape what you enjoy. Drama is not one of them.
  13. Le sigh. flamers will flame. I apologize if I dont want to stick around to be pk'ed by you. I guess you will have to find someone else to bother. Never fails, but at least its predictable. I'm over 65 and female. I grew tired of this drama years ago and since my money is my money its my decision to make. /shrug
  14. well for the time being I have given up on this game. I enjoy it but I'm tired of the constant pk nonesense. I saw this thread the other week but wasn't sure if its a troll thread or not. Its still here so I logged in to post to it. I noticed they added the arsha servers, but the label that says "pve" is gone so I take that as a sign that they think the open world not karma system which is so heavily exploited is fine and they wont be trying to make it .. work properly. Was fun. I will keep an eye on the game but for the meantime I'm taking a break. I notice the populations are dropping again. So I'm sure I'm not the only one who has grown tired of the constant PK issues. The only way I will return is if they fix the present broken karma system with that stupid force pvp flag that you can flip on and flip off at will or put servers in place where they totally remove it. That being said if they do ad servers with no force pvp system on it. I anticipate they will be the most crowded because in truth no one like the pk system while they are farming mobs soooo this may be a reason they wont add them because it will take traffic from all other modes.
  15. see this is why I can't be bothered to reply to stuff. I have said it the way it is and you decide the exerperience I do have is not right or true or whatever so what's the point. They dont loose the karma and they should not me. They started it Not me. They need to be made to stay to the end, but because you can exploit the system and cheat to get out of loosing karma then I can't be bothered. I have not had a single person who remained to the end of a fight when they are loosing NOT ONE. After awhile that gets old and stupid. The only fights that go to the end are the ones where some guy or guys (usually plural) come by and one shot me. It would be cool if I could win a proper fight especially since i'm not the one starting it. I am not going to flag and loose karma when its the other guy that should be loosing it. But wait. He is too scared to loose karma so he server hops or deflags. What kind of PvP is that? that they start a fight and bother people and can't be bothered to remain till the end. Anyhow I give up on this forum its really just a bunch of kids who dont care about anything or the community which is ironic since its a game that requires a community in order to survive and be fun and play well. Just imagine if everytime you went to a node war something happened to deny you the win? would you not complain and stop playing node wars? I mean what's the point in pvp people constantly cheat in order to avoid loosing?
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