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  1. Yes the fact that they screwed up their login servers on the last update. I mean we didn't have this problem for 34 days until the last update
  2. Tensoldrasik refer to Oho's post with green highlighted response from Microsoft
  3. Yeah I appreciate you guys reporting this. I've sent in five tickets in last two days and have received four generic responses to repurchase the game. Microsoft is our only avenue to reconcile this. Keep up the pressure
  4. Yes you are right it's not on xbox end like I said they are now aware that it is black desert issue because of numerous reports everyone needs to report issue to xbox and give them resource to resolve problem
  5. You need to report this to xbox support. They have an xbox ranger trying to resolve this situation. Before game release I upgraded from deluxe to ultimate and now black desert is trying to make me purchase another deluxe to remove block on my account. They are basically holding my account hostage for another $50 on top of the $100 I already spent
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