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  1. Yea so it looks like its working for some people and not others. Cause i can assure you i know how the combo works and can pop it 100% of the time when im not hitting an enemy and for the life of me out of the lets say 10000 combos i did on a monster it did not proc once. Same goes cymbidium to deadly restraint. Procs everytime without a monster. Never on 1
  2. Have this on my penguin, cant acces information. Works on my cat,dog and bird
  3. Anyone else have the problem where when hitting an enemy with cymbidium it wont combo into three point stipple and four point splatter. It just does symbidium and does a normal attack when i press Rb While when i do the same combo without hitting anything with cymbidium it combos like its supposed too. Am i doing something wrong? Missing something?
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