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  1. cant link a live stream... https://forums.mmorpg.com/discussion/468461/black-desert-online-pvp-server-is-more-proof-that-pvpers-are-a-very-niche-group but here's some proof that the majority want PVE servers and the majority hate PVP
  2. Is in these forums. screw PVP in this game. do it in the forums instead. it's so fun to watch all these white knights and care bears get mad when you say something negative about their perfect little game 😂 or ask for PVE ahaha come 1v1 me on these forums and get rekt bring PVE servers. I await your salty tears from you in game PVPers...
  3. as the title says. The majority want PVP removed so give us PVE only already.
  4. How are people even suppose to compete against players in PVP who spend 1000s of money on this game? sure I can grind but they will always be ahead of me unless I spend money. so I grind I get good gear but if I'm in a good grinding spot they come along bully me with their insane paid gear and 1 shot me or CC me to death. this isn't a "git gud" moment. as how can you git gud from being 1 shot? how can you git gud from a CC? theres no way to defend yourself from a CC there no item or skill to breakout of a CC and the CC in this game are so long they can kill you before you can even move. then if you dont look at the minimal every 5 seconds you then get 1 shot by some whale who's paid for their gear. theres no way to defend yourself against highly geared players other than to just let them bully you out of a spot get called names and abuse and just wait or change servers only to be bullied out that spot by another whale. people should not be able to 1 shot others in this game as there is no defence against that. all damage in this game in pvp needs to be nerfd by atleast 50% so pvp fights can last atleast 10-30 seconds or more so you have a chance to defend yourself. this 1 shot b.s is making people quit fast when there's no way to defend from it.
  5. ok so here is the thing. its NOT about being PK it's NOT about being killed in PVP. it's the constant abuse AFTER you die from PK/PVP If you die in PVP the one who killed you should stay quiet and not say anything. but they dont. Instead the one who kills you has to announce to the whole server that he killed you and announce how amazing he is and tell the whole server how much of a scrub you are. This is what causes all the arguments because kids cant keep their mouth shut and show a little bit of honor. Now the thing is you cant even ignore it either. there is no mute or ignore button there is no report button. so you have to play your game while you are being constantly harassed and slated in the chat without anything to do about it. yes you can try to not pay attention to the chat and not respond but when they are constantly shouting abuse at you and about you in server chat it really starts to grind on you... when you dont respond they then go and private messaging you with things like "aww baby go cry go play minecraft" again you can just not respond and pay attention to it. but they constantly keep messaging and keep prodding and keep sending abuse over and over and there is nothing you can do to stop it So the problem here is not being PK or killed in PVP the problem is them sending you abuse AFTER they PK/Killed you. if there was a report button and a way to ignore/block people then all this toxic will stop One prime example of the most toxic guild on EU is symphony. Symphony PK everyone but only those who cant fight back. then symphony proceed to send the person they killed abuse telling them they need to kill themselves or go get cancer. this is disgusting. if you PK someone that's fine it's a PVP game but dont be a Dbag and send them abuse after. There Is no way to ignore anyone and I find that outrageous.
  6. TaylorBurton


    you just admitted that people throw hate towards you... you ever wonders WHY they do that? because your guild members are disgusting. They are vile and toxic and all they do is harass everyone and anyone who goes against the. yes it's a PVP game you may win you may lose. but you dont just stop there. instead you send them personal attacks via private messaging telling them hey need to go get cancer or go hang themselves. how is that a nice thing to say? now you will call me a lier just like everyone on the server who calls you out. you call everyone who calls you out a lier. ever stopped and thought for a moment the reason the whole of the EU server hate symphony guild is because they dont know when to shut their mouths and just say GG no they cant do that instead they must say git gud scrub or go git cancer. or go hang yourself how is that a nice thing to say? to anyone who is thinking of joining this guild if anyone has any self respect any dignity do not join this toxic abusive childish guild.
  7. finally someone that understands. thank you. the thing is the 90% of all this trash talk is caused by members of Symphony who are ruining the gaming experience for everyone. trash talking anyone they kill and then trash talking when they loss. but they dont stop there they make it so personal to the point you just want to quit the game.
  8. Before you even say it. like you always say it to anyone who has anything bad to say about you. no I'm not Grom and no I am not Beta_rock/Integra no I'm not alpha either and no I'm not part of any huge guild either I'm part if a very small friendly guild who enjoys life skilling. now that's out of the way let me explain. Symphony is the most vile disgusting toxic guild I have ever seen in all my years of gaming! Every day server chat is filled up with constant abuse from members of symphony. Every day Symphony members harass and abuse everyone shouting vile disgusting things like go get cancer go die a slow death or other racist and disgusting things. Then ontop of that they lie through their teeth every day. Every day they say how nice they are how non toxic they are how mature they are. yet they send people private messages of abuse and disgusting things everytime they kill someone. then they flood the server chat with git Gud scrub or use the N word everywhere. (Btw I have screenshot and video proof of all this abuse before you dare call me a lier) They also lie so much and say how they kill everyone how awesome they are in PVP with no proof to back it up. no screenshots no videos nothing. then if you ask them to proof it in a 1 v 1 fight in the arena. nope they wont come they make excuses and log off then when they say they destroy guilds. if your a guild and ask them for a guild war all symphony will do is hide in the safe zones and wait till you either get bored and leave and then kill you in the back. (I also have proof of this) the thing I trying to say in this post is that there is no way in game to block people. there is no way in game to stop people whispering you and messaging you abuse. so every day I have to sit there and watch symphony members spam my chat with private messages of abuse without being able to do anything back. Everyone in the EU server hates symphony not just our small guild of 10 people. every wonder why every guild hates them? its because they lie and harass and say vile disgusting things. Now GM/CM if you are reading this before you delete this post you need to look into the countless reports on xbox that everyone has sent into Microsoft about the people of symphony and you need to monitor the in game chat and ban people of that guild I have had my inbox blown up on xbox by people from symphony who are creating fake xbox accounts to send me abuse so they cant be reported or ban on their main xbox accounts. the abuse I get is absolutely vile. yet people still defend symphony and say how they are such an awesome guild yet they cant see the damage that symphony is doing to the server. I know of atleast 3 guilds who have quit the game because of the vile toxic abuse they get just from symphony alone. GM/CMs before you delete this post!!! if you want to save this game sort out SYMPHONY on EU servers. monitor them and then ban the people who are causing everyone to quit due to their disgusting vile nature.. The sooner Symphony is gone the more relaxing and peaceful the game can be for everyone. This is also a message to all EU guilds. dont believe anything Symphony do or say they are nothing but childish abusive players who are ruining the game for everyone. There are lots of guilds who are banding together to remove Symphony from the game and you should too if you want the EU servers to survive Symphony must be gone. Thank you for reading and I hope everyone has a fun time in black desert
  9. TaylorBurton


    nothing to add to the conversation and no proof I see. you keep proving me right with every reply you give that your guild is toxic
  10. TaylorBurton


    see told you all symphony do is nothing but spread lies you got proof of this? screenshot? video? no? thought so. so until you can prove anything you say keep your mouth shut and stop spreading lies. you really are showing exactly what kind of guild you are. one that lies all the time and makes stuff up without any proof to back it up. it's a no wonder your the most hated guild on EU
  11. TaylorBurton


    Will you grow up and stop spreading false information about our guild without any proof to back it up. Theres a reason you are the most hated guild in Black Desert and dont dare say you are not. Not once has our guild Integra said a single bad word about you on the forums not one. Not a single one of our members has come into your recruitment post and talked trash or been toxic. Yet all you do every day is spread lies and hate about us that is not true and nothing to back anything up. We get it. this is a PVP game and you hate us for some unknown reason that's fine but stop trash talking our guild on the forums and spreading lies. It is against the rules to trash talk another guild on the recruitment sections of the forums. I have reported you for countless abuse and I have taken screenshots that I will be sending in to report you for the constant harassment you keep giving our guild and many other guilds. Stop being so toxic all the time and please grow up. you call yourself mature you call your self a non toxic guild. yet every day all you do is spread lies and hate and bully other guilds. I hope everyone sees exactly what this guild is like and sees exactly what they are. Nothing but immature children who think it's fun to harass other members of other guilds.
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