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  1. Yiazzy

    Fishing Boat

    Deny that blue icon all you want.
  2. Yiazzy

    Fishing Boat

    Except I've gotten the exact same boat design from Velia to Altinova. Plenty of times. Ugh, even when proven wrong you still play the obstinate fool. I'll say no more to you. ANYWAY OP, hope that clears up your ORIGINAL question.
  3. Yiazzy

    Fishing Boat

    There you go. Picture of me sat on said cargo boat after departing Velia, picture of map showing my icon ON exactly the same cargo boat, showing the icon to denote my cargo being transported, and the third....well the third is for my own amusement. Top right and nearly top left, GALLEYS, but not GUILD Galleys which I never once mentioned. Just west of the centre of the screen, cargo boat.
  4. Ah, to be 28 again. Seems like many a moon ago, I look back yonder with fondness
  5. Yiazzy

    Underwater Gathering

    It's not on xbox yet, I've been trying every update to gather coral 😅
  6. Yiazzy

    Fishing Boat

    Nope, you're getting 3 different pictures.
  7. Yiazzy

    Fishing Boat

    Very well, bear with, I'll do it now, just to shut you up.
  8. Yiazzy

    Fishing Boat

    Dw, I'll provide pictures in the morning. I don't need to keep saying you're wrong, because you are.
  9. We've just started the 2nd half of the year, don't say we're "Well into it" because that means my 30th is upon us and I'm not ready for that yet 😂😂
  10. Yiazzy

    Fishing Boat

    And yet, you're still wrong. But I don't need to derail a topic any further, knowing what's what. (Interesting how cargo ship isn't even mentioned on that page, and you're clearly confused with Galleys)
  11. Yiazzy

    Fishing Boat

    Sorry, but you're wrong. Next time you ship anything at the storage manager from Velia to whichever it is north of Mediah (not Lema, I've just forgotten the name of it atm), or vice versa, get on the first "Ferry" that arrives, and watch the "Start Transporting" notification that pops up exactly as you leave. Even check the map to see that you are on the boat with your transportation icon on.
  12. 92% likely. Every attempt. Probability doesn't come into it with games like this. Every attempt is the exact same chance of success and failure. Could be worse though, people could be insisting percentages are additive 😑 I'm also kinda hoping someone has a screenshot though.
  13. Yiazzy

    Fishing Boat

    That is a cargo boat. Npc only. You can't make your fishing boat look like that.
  14. Sigh. That is not how percentages work.
  15. That also pops up for T7s so it's not reliable.