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  1. Sorry for double post, but is this why we get the "You cannot gather any more" pop up constantly along with bare minimum drops? If not then it's got to be a bug. No way at Artisan 5 Gathering with Magic Pickaxes should we be getting 1 Ore and 1 stone.
  2. It's not us with the issues, it's PS4. We're on xbox, so I personally don't know what their issues are, specifically. I'm hoping they don't short us, because it doesn't make any sense to bottleneck everyone into grind spots constantly, and the end result will be a reduced playerbase.
  3. I have an S with an external hard drive. I have none of the issues you lot are describing. Yes I get dashboarded from time to time, but that's been a thing since day 1 so I'm not too bothered.
  4. You'll be dismayed to know that I and 1 are censored...yet again. HOW ARE THOSE BANNED 🤣🤣🤣
  5. As pleased as I am about this news, first and foremost, they did specify on the stream that every piece of content shown is subject to change. So don't treat it as set in stone just yet. But on with the discussion. Do we think this will go well? With the current state of the game in terms of performance, I thought Margoria was a long ways off due to PS4's bigger issues with performance.
  6. Hence my party method. I never grind if I'm alone with my own company, I'm bored after half an hour 😅 62 is something I'm currently not actively going for, but will just accomplish in time.
  7. To be fair to the guy. The time invested isn't exactly worth it, and this update is a travesty in itself. Grinding that many mobs does indeed get tedious. Me and him aren't alone in the opinion that killing the same mobs over and over for days on end is an absolute chore. To OP though, have you considered party chatting with friends whilst you're doing it? It makes it a lot less mind numbingly droll for me, might do for you too.
  8. Or.....you could realise that there is actually a buff that increases your Maids weight transfer allowance by 100%, and your buff has run out.
  9. Yiazzy


    Stay tuned, because recently I also Pen rouletted on a 50 stack for the sake of it 😅 (And broke my gear to Tri but who cares, it was fun)
  10. Yiazzy


    Yes. I do this frequently for amusement, and call it my "Tinfoil method". Recently I got TeT Red Nose, Giath and Muskans. RN and Muskan on 2 tap 40 stacks, and Giath on a 39 stack 1 tap. I'm always doing stupid stuff like this for the sake of it. Otherwise I'd have quit the game ages ago, because of the awful enhancement system.
  11. You can get from 58-59 relatively quickly. Much quicker than you would grinding. Especially if you have the Chenga Tome! You'll also get a fair bit of money doing it, with the introduction of the Bartali Bars etc. Then 59-61 will take a few hours max, provided you're geared enough to do some of those Kama quests.
  12. You shouldn't be grinding for 56-61 anyway. You should now be doing all the levelling area sidequests to hit 59, and then head on down to Kama to do the main and side quests there, and after that Drieghan. Make sure to get the Chenga Tome. The BS will give it to you from a quest, and then you upgrade it via a quest at the outpost slightly to the west of the Hasrah Ruins. You get that quest from an npc called Aljai.
  13. Garmoth will be doable for smaller guilds. You're in a solo guild and you have buffs? That means you had members before, and either kicked them or they left. Seeing as you need 3 members online to do GMs, you wouldn't be able to do it anyway. So either recruit, or join a different guild that will have all the buffs you already have. You can't really complain about losing your guild, as it's not really a "Guild" with just you in it anyway. I'm none too bothered about the change tbh. Because it means, that instead of having to miss most of his spawns like I do every other WB (I literally never get to do Quint/Muraka), it's organised for set times. As for the byproducts, Doktar literally pointed out you get more with them. So that's a null complaint. This update is great tbh. The entire Guild Boss system is great, and the added drops to Mudster and Ferrid are amazing. Node/Siege will become much more interesting with elephants now in, and who ISN'T happy about the Chenga Tome addition?! As well as the Bartali, Lauren Bars etc.
  14. You'll get your sale eventually. In the meantime, I've given you a valid point, so now we all have to be patient and wait.
  15. We had the game 5 months before PS4, and had sales during that time too. In total, we've most likely had more discounts on Pearls than PS4 has. This isn't something to get all hett up about.
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