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  1. The thing that you're still somehow not getting after months and months, is that they're only speeding up the process. Spending money on outfits doesn't immediately guarantee a successful enhancement, especially going from Tri to TeT. I'm not as diehard a p2w naysayer as I was, purely because I'm full Tri and hitting TeT seems impossible without cash crons. But I still believe its P4C.
  2. Nah, I'm just going to report you for targeted slander. But dw guys and gals, I think it's time I came off of these forums. I've basically had it, there's no such thing as an actual discussion about the game anymore, like there was back in March/April. Now, it's just entitled, moronic children whining about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING all god damn day, and trolling/insulting anybody who brings any form of rational sense to your incessant moaning. Effing millenials, I'm telling you.
  3. So, because I'm not someone who hates on the game for every reason imaginable, looks at things logically instead of acting like an entitled little brat, I'm now a forum troll? Okay. I'm actually a Lv56 Lifeskiller, who helps anyone in chat if I can. Name's Lorenya, do your worst, it's only a game.
  4. Dear christ, did you guys even read Trent's response on these topics? I'll put it in big, bold writing for you. THEY DIDN'T KNOW EITHER.
  5. Yep. But I think you have me confused with someone else, because I'm never on here complaining about the game. Ever. I just cannot abide people whining about things that they should have known better about, or stuff like this, ridiculous and ill formed opinions as to how PA should do their jobs, because I sure as hell don't see these same people in the game industry with a successful game of their own.
  6. No it doesn't. Because the item worked as intended. You got the breed counter reset, and were able to breed those mounts again. That's not damages. That's why not one of you deserve an ounce of compensation because of that policy. You're not paying for a T8 though. Show me the item that says, "Provides a token for a T8 Horse" in the pearl shop, and I'll concede. As already stated, you paid for the breeding reset coupon, which did what it said it would.
  7. Lol, typical response from someone who's been shut down with logic. Ignore away, not having to deal with your conspiratorial nonsense would be very refreshing. See ya around, sofa dev.
  8. This does not remotely fall under that category. It's referring to your actual inventory items getting deleted, Enhancement levels reset, currencies being removed etc, due to an in game defect with no player interaction in such an event. This, is nothing like that. WHY ARE YOU ALL SO ENTITLED?!
  9. When it gets released. Patience.
  10. Psht. Just because people you've spoken to want Tamer and Mystic, doesn't mean they were the most voted options in the poll. Clearly Ninja was, followed by Archer. We won't know what came third until it releases, but it would make sense to be one of the two you mentioned, or even Maewha, which is another I see requested a lot. But again, we won't know until it happens. I guess everyone's a sofa developer these days though 🙄
  11. Yet an honest person would just say that for that exact reason, because they're honest. Again, no further derailing. I'll just save myself the trouble and block if you do.
  12. The Internet is weird. For the record, I have only one alt account on anything, and that's on XBL. I only have one everywhere else, including here. Let us not derail further.
  13. As pathetic as my life actually is, it will never be as pathetic as yours. Nice try though, kid.
  14. I should research the inner workings of your entitled mind, because you provided misinformation and went off on a tangent and think everyone should immediately understand your very weak implications? LOL mkay. Rich, coming from you. Haven't you got some whining to do about how you're being perma-ganked every 10 seconds....? Thanks, that's the kind of pic OP SHOULD have posted. I'm gonna do some further research, because, it might just be me here, but instead of a regular T8, that looks like Arduanatt, a T9 Dream Horse. Will get back to y'all
  15. And I love it when arrogance leads idiots to post a picture, then contradict said picture by speaking about actually new information. You wanted to speak about the T8s being confirmed not in game yet? Post a relevant picture. Such clickbait.
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