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  1. Must do. I played for 9 hours straight today, not a single disconnect or freeze, and I'm EU Xbox One S w/SSD
  2. Exactly! Heaven forbid we use actual English words that might contain a non offensive word like ass.....
  3. You can also make them in Valencia city. I took the liberty of also having a look for you. They're level 1s, as well.
  4. Fairly certain they're in mushroom factory. Check other city's factories though, might be like the costume mill where different ones have different costumes to craft.
  5. Course it did, the letter I is alone in there. I've no idea why that particular solo letter is censored, but it's ridiculous! 😂 It's the same with "Night", "Class" etc.
  6. Tier 8s and 9s aren't in game yet. Tier 8s are on the roadmap, but T9s aren't. However, you guys seem to be having a lot more performance issues than us, so with crossplay now being a thing, I imagine it'll be even longer before even T8s are in game.
  7. Right? How in hell is "I" censored? Seriously!!
  8. Seriously guys, you need to lighten up on the censoring of words in server chat. I mean, earlier tonight I couldn't even write the phrase, "I was like 10", and that's both the numerical and text ways of typing that, without the "There is a banned word..." popping up. There's nothing remotely offensive in there. What you need, is localised censors. Depending on the language selected, censor the words in THAT language. If I've selected English, I don't need oh Idk, Lithuanian expletives censored now, do I? Also, just quite simply give us the option to enable or disable the censor as we see fit. Most of us are adults, it's the world we live in! It is nowhere near this sparkley, eloquent, prim world that this censor paints it to be. /endrant.
  9. Grade 3 Reform stones might not be used much anymore, but they are still used to make Ultimate Reform Stones.
  10. Now, with the events being so very unclear to a lot of people, and the Golden Bells for 48h being only limited to the Crossplay servers, and leaving EU's one and only XB only server out, my question is this. Is this event ALSO restricted to just the crossplay servers? I doubt my Rng, not to mention some of my guild members', can be so bad that we've not had a single drop yet.
  11. Well, why do you think I didn't bother? 😂 But I shall say no more on the subject, seeing as you're now a fellow guildie, and I respect my own.
  12. All treasure chest events have been limited chests. All. Because you don't pay attention to the fact, doesn't mean that they need to change their posts to accommodate unobservant people. The rewards in the chests alone make it pretty obvious that it's limited.
  13. As the guy above me said. The second you deleted your character with that saved name, and remade a new char with that name, the "Day you made that name" then became your original creation day. As for your family name, what is it?
  14. Well, no. The core of this game is whatever the player decides it is by their playing. Someone who spends literally every second of their game lifeskilling will never have to do combat, and especially never pvp which is what you're talking about. And you absolutely want to be taken seriously by the devs. Nothing gets sorted by whining. Only constructive feedback is helpful, and you, are not being constructive. Look at the name change scenario for example. The playerbase came together, spoke about it in (mostly) a constructive manner, and the change was rethought, and an alternative offered.
  15. You're a DK right? Judging from your earlier reference of stat requirements. You ABSOLUTELY have abilities that cool down in less than 6 seconds. Now, we all know certain classes are not balanced by any stretch of the imagination (cougharcherstrikercough), but ranting about it in this fashion will never be taken seriously, by the devs or the playerbase.
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