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  1. Thanks doktar tried this on 3 accts and nothing I heard there was a lvl requirement 51 for those who are stuck and below 51 try that I'm lvl 52 done all the quests I can and still not working there's definitely a bug in the system somewhere Thanks again
  2. No it's getting my point across its only 2 posts what's the deal and it's still not fixed if you were gonna comment at least put something helpful
  3. Anyone know away to complete kalis Parliament by 5 days and still can't do it? Any help is great thanks
  4. The quest kalis parliament tells me to talk to elina leight, when i talk to her it tells me to i need knowledge of norma leight in order to talk to her but when i go to norma i cant recieve knowledge of her, ive talked to everyone in the plantation she is found in and have done every non repeatable quest. If this isnt a bug then im sorry for making the post but im pretty sure it is seeing as though alot of other players have this issue. I have forfeited the quest many times and it still doesn't work also made a new character to see if that will work and didn't and at the point where I'm just going around is circles. Help please
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