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  1. OK, NEWS!!! Caught a T4 in the wild today, right after update! this suggests that they have adjusted the horse tiers in one way or another.
  2. Ualtred

    Horse tier

    came up a 6... a GM in game just told mt T8 is possible but... ill believe it when i see it. Although, i was racing along on my T6 male (speed 137.3) and somebody blew past me. so who knows.
  3. i have yet to get any conformation of anything above T6. i know they 'said' its in there, but has anyone seen a screenshot?
  4. When you use the "move to" option you can create loops. This is extremely useful for activities such as leveling horses. However, if you don't land your cursor in exactly the right spots while creating the loop, it results in loss of momentum, stops, and backtracking (kinda like speed bumps). Is there a way to fix this? I've noticed that along the created path are dots, or nodes. And if one lands their cursor on those nodes the path is much smoother. Could we implement a way to 'lock on' to these nodes while creating a path? this would ensure a smooth path in which running or horse training can go on without the 'speed bumps'. Thanks
  5. its near impossible to plot a course for your horse to run without some of the points you plot making the horse slow down in one way or another. it takes forever to try and set the course by luckily landing on the little dots that exist on the path. why not have a lock to dots option?
  6. Ualtred

    Horse tier

    ive got a m and f t6. going to finish lvling the male and reset the female. ill let you know if i get a 7.
  7. Ok so i got past the 1st step by TURNING OFF my adblock! so im linked and all set, do i still get the pet at this late date? i dont see it anywhere
  8. you know what? that makes sense...
  9. female T5 Bred my t5 male L30 with a t4 female L29 and got this T5 female. going to get her to 30 and breed with my t5 male. fingers crossed.
  10. Upon attempting to create a new account on the following page: https://www.xbox.playblackdesert.com/Member/join/ I am unable to proceed to the second step, that of email verification. Making sure all parts of the step one form are complete the page appears to hang once the proceed button has been pressed. This has occured on both Chrome and Firefox, as well as on safari on my mobile device. There is no error message. It seems to load, shows me this (see attached screenshot), shows as loading once I press 'ok' then the popup disappears and I remain on the same page. This has been the case for each time I attempt to create an account over the course of several MONTHS now. Has anyone else encountered this? Does anyone know where I can communicate this to the webmaster? Does anyone have any idea how i can get around this?
  11. ok ive now tried it on mobile too. i think i may have my email in there but cant remember my password, but on all three browsers (chrome & firefox on pc, safari on mobile) it tells me to wait and try again later when i ask for the password reset. so WTF? lil help plz? anyone?
  12. Hi thanks for this post! hey im unable to get to the second stage of account creation ( email verify) I go thru all the steps fill everything out, click all req'd boxes. Done it several times. On two different browsers. tried two different emails. I get down to the next step button, click it, get the notification about not being able to modify info after this step, and hit ok on that. then nothing happens, it just sits on step one as if i never hit the button. 😞 lil help?
  13. account creation: fill out info, click everything needed, press next, get alert about not being able to change info after, hit ok, then nothing just stays on step one. Tried multi times, with two diff browsers... Thought maybe i created one a while back but when i goto recover password the alert says to try again later? HELP?
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