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  1. Show did you get it to unlink? Because I can’t even go up to change my email.... I’m literally stuck at that point it says I’m linked ingame but on there site says I’m not. I have made multiple tickets to no response on this issue.
  2. Seems like the issue is bigger than just my account maybe if enough send them tickets about this issue as well as send tickets to tell them to check their own big forums maybe it will get noticed.. maybe lol
  3. Seems the issue still isn’t resolved and bigger than just my character account. I submitted a few tickets with just a few words describing this issue maybe if everyone states in the ticket that on their forums we have this many people and I’m sure more with similar instances with the gear, linking accounts, and glitching. They will actually take a look over here on their forums.
  4. You aren’t alone I’m having even same issue and made two posts about it as well. Haven’t heard back
  5. Update my character seems to not be able to even put on costumes and on my screen it doesn’t appear if I put it on seems that to other characters they can see the costume but my armor still remains glitched and broken. (Checked by multiple other in game characters. )
  6. My characters armor is glitched and reverts back to base form look (or atleast the first time I used dye). I can clearly see what my character should look like while useing a few different screens of changeing armor fast. But it then immediately reverts back to this broken form. Bottom one with bandana is what my character is supposed to look like with the gear and stuff I have. But it always reverts back to the top form in game. Doesn’t help that I can’t submit this bug to a ticket because they won’t accept tickets at the moment with pictures.....
  7. update: now it seems my character armor has reverted back to the beggining armor and after all the changes in gear seems like it is glitched and won’t show the new gear. I have a video to prove it but it won’t let me apply this is a tad frustrating to go along with the other issues. And worst part i can’t even report it.
  8. So I can’t link my account even though in game I was able to. I never received my event quest hawk for linking my account. Seems the site isn’t regcongizing it. Then when you try to unlink it says account doesn’t exist. Next can’t submit a single more ticket to provide pics of the issues. And then lastly since trying to perform that unlink so I can re link it In hopes that it would work now my dyes all went away on my items. And Ontop of that my armor pieces don’t change visually anymore. When switching to different ones. Very bugged it seems. Any tips on how to correct or do I have to wait for someone to fix and give me the event items/ pet?
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